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'Drum Dream'

Myron Barnstone, Pen and ink on paper, 19.5" x 17.5," Spain, 1965

Myron Barnstone passionately advocated the use of the Golden Section in his art education approach, noting how the masters and celebrated artists used dynamic symmetry to organize, create unity, repetition, and maximum impact. Drum Dream, created while the artist lived in Spain in the mid-1960’s, showcases the impressionist’s superb application of this approach.


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Myron Barnstone and The Barnstone Method

Myron Barnstone began studying at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, England, in 1958. Through years of disciplined practice, Barnstone became proficient at creating work in the tradition of the classical masters, utilizing and refining his technique through critical thinking and the exacting science of geometric design, dubbed the Golden Section. Myron’s teaching approach was both rigorous and revolutionary – providing his thousands of students with a strong foundation that included the proper tools, intensive study and application of the geometric principles, color theory and more. 

His approach afforded exceptional success – in fact, today hundreds of his alumni are art instructors, authors, sculptors, professional artists, and leaders in the fields of industrial design, pastels, photography and even animation. Read and learn more about Myron Barnstone and the remarkable art education offered through The Barnstone Method.

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