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Stop The Windansea Gazebo Campaign


Help stop Belvederes/Gazebos like this being built at Windansea Beach! A belvedere permit application is working its way to the City of San Diego Planning Department. The belvedere permit application, to build on public land, was submitted by a private group of local people who are nostalgic for belvederes built in the 1920's. The Windansea Community were never officially notified about the belvedere permit application. A petition opposing the belvedere/gazebo collected more than 500 signatures in 48 hours.

The belvedere blocks the view shed San Diego Municipal Codes for the public viewing of the beach and the historical Windansea Surf Shack. These types of structures are crime magnets, encouraging late night gatherings, shelter for the homeless, drug dealing etc. Please join us in opposing the belvedere permit. Sign the petition, send letters of opposition and if possible donate to help cover fees we are incurring to Stop The Gazebo construction.

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Take Action Now!

There are more important issues at Windanseea!


Extensive Bluff Erosion!

The proposed Gazebos foundations will drill down into the already eroding bluffs of Windansea. Common sense tells us that pounding, drilling or any earth movement to install the Gazebo will compromise the integrity of the bluffs which could lead to future bluff collapse.


Fix The Pump House!

Preserve Windansea plans to work with the City & raise funds to repair & beautify the Pump House at Windansea Beach. Stucco repair, fencing, murals & landscaping are all being considered. We would love to hear your ideas. Email us at


Crumbling infrastructure!

Everyone is aware of the dangers at Windansea. Benches about to fall off the bluffs, crumbling narrow sidewalks that require people step into oncoimng traffic to pass one another. We plan to raise funds & work with the City to improve & repair our benches, sidewalks & roads.

Take Action Now!

Donate to help Stop the Windansea Gazebo!

[All donations at this time will go to Land Use Attorney and Environmental Consultant Fees associated with Stop The Gazebo Campaign]

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