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Vision Statement

A safe natural shoreline & beach park that delivers wellness, health & nature for all of us. A public park where everyone can connect, walk, run, roll & bike. Restore, preserve & maintain this iconic natural shoreline & beach park, making it sustainable, resilient & free from potential crime. The spirit of Windansea is captured in its open vistas, free from the effects of people & construction, which inspire visitors to reflect on the grandeur of the ocean & the beauty of the ever changing topography of the beach. A safe natural shoreline & beach park for all of us.

Happiness is Calling? Park Equity for all of us?

The City of San Diego Parks Master Plan ignores neglected and over promoted public shoreline & beach parks like Windansea, La Jolla, CA.


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San Diego International Airport, Baggage Claim Area - Windansea Surf Shack on giant billboard. "Happiness is Calling" marketing campaign, San Diego Tourism Authority.

Windansea, La Jolla, CA (Palomar to Westbourne) - June 22, 2021

The half mile long, Public Windansea Shoreline & Beach Park is unsafe and neglected yet aggressively promoted worldwide, as a tourist destination, by the City of San Diego. Through its partnership with the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA), the City of San Diego promotes enhanced images, like the one seen above on the giant billboard at San Diego Airport, engaging an audience of 15.75 million people annually, through their website, social media, blogs and direct email marketing "Happiness is calling" campaign.

In 2019 the colossal marketing engine of San Diego Tourism Authority, with an operating budget of $42 million, attracted 35.8 million visitors to San Diego. How many of them came to Windansea we ask? We are guessing a lot, but let's be conservative and say one third of these tourists came to Windansea, that’s approximately 12 million visitors on foot, in wheelchairs, on scooters, in ubers, in rental cars. Remember we are only a one half mile stretch of shoreline for all these people and traffic. 

In 2019 these 35 Million tourists spent $11.5 Billion generating $940 Million in total taxes and the San Diego Tourism Authority stated........ “$306 Million of this came from Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenues that directly support San Diegan’s quality of life, from paying police officers and firefighters to MAINTAINING PARKS & RECREATION”.

Maintaining Parks & Recreation? Windansea is not maintained and is unsafe.

Where did the money go?  


Source: San Diego Tourism Marketing District

The proposed City of San Diego Parks Master Plan 2021 does not provide for its unsafe shoreline parks and beaches who are a primary source of content for their marketing campaigns like "Happiness is Calling? Is this an equitable policy?

Taken from the Parks Master Plan "The Value Standard is not intended to be applied to portions of regional parks which serve the region, including trails, shorelines, and open space parks."

What does this mean? How will a run down Shoreline and Beach Park, like Windansea, be assessed by Parks and Recreation using the new Parks Master Plan? How and when will it have access to funding? It’s not clear from the plan, click here to read the proposed Parks Master Plan 2021.

Also taken from the Parks Master Plan "There should be an equitable distribution of park development and maintenance funding and it means having access to the types of recreational resources to which everyone else in the City has access - opportunities for everyone to play outside."

Large numbers of San Diegans and tourists come to the public Windansea shoreline and beach park to recreate, along with its residents. Wouldn't it be equitable to include these shoreline beach parks in the Parks Master Plan providing resources and funding to ensure safe public access along Windansea Shoreline and beach?

Here's the reality! Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park is not safe!

Below are the public safety issues at Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park today.


Dangerous open and crumbling Storm drains that inadequately handle toxic runoff from streets.


Dysfunctional Sewage Pump Station located on beach bluffs with crumbling stucco infrastructure, broken fencing, often graffitied, routinely malfunctions emitting disgusting rotten egg smell into air and sewage into the ocean prompting frequent beach closures.


Old rusted out, jagged Sewer pipe left lying exposed on the sandy beach where people recreate.


Severe bluff erosion, some due to the effect of climate change and watershed issues, and pedestrian foot traffic due to inadequate boundary fencing and signage.


5 different types of fencing rotten, corroded or sinking into the bluff that do not adequately protect the bluffs or provide public safety.


Precariously built Stairways with public safety access issues.


Concrete benches next to fowl smelling trash cans poised to slide down the eroded bluff. Surf Shack off in the far distance, this is the Historic structure used by the City to promote Windansea beach park.


Very narrow and uneven sidewalk with tripping hazards, causing people to step into oncoming traffic to pass each other.


The bluff top road, Neptune Place, is a collage of potholes and asphalt patches, not safe for cyclists or pedestrians.

We are routinely told these issues at Windansea should be addressed through the “Get It Done App”. This is an URGENT SITUATION. The Windansea infrastructure needs attention before someone is hurt. This is a public safety issue.

The City of San Diego and the San Diego Tourism Authority promotes a different picture of Windansea to the rest of the world and generates close to $1 billion annually from transient occupancy taxes (TOT).

The beautiful iconic vistas and historic Surf Shack at Windansea are used aggressively as a marketing tool by the City of San Diego through their partnership with the San Diego Tourism Authority and their “Happiness is Calling” Campaign.

The San Diego Tourism Authority uses enhanced images of Windansea Beach, usually only showing the historic Surf Shack, to paint a romantic and inspirational picture that will attract everyone. This is most acutely demonstrated by the giant billboard erected in the San Diego Airport Baggage Claim Area viewed by millions of tourists annually. Here are other examples of how San Diego Tourism Authority uses Windansea to promote the City of San Diego and attract tourists.


The San Diego Tourism Authority is promoting San Diego as a whole, but they disproportionately capitalize on Windansea beach in their promotional materials bringing millions of people to this unsafe small half mile stretch of Shoreline and Beach. How many of those tax dollars came back to the Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park infrastructure? Did they reinvest in one of their most promoted beaches? The answer is a resounding “NO!” 

Our shoreline parks are truly PARKS FOR ALL, heavily trafficked by residents and tourists and are worthy of inclusion in the Parks Master Plan, the public safety issues at Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park should not be overlooked.


Stop The Windansea Gazebo

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Please help stop structures like this being built on the neglected and fragile Windansea Shoreline & Beach Park. A gazebo/belvedere construction permit application is currently pending at the City of San Diego Development Department. The gazebo/belvedere permit application, to build on public land, was submitted by a private group of local people who are nostalgic for gazebo/belvederes built in the 1920's.

The proposed gazebo/belvedere structure would be located at the top of the staircase on Neptune Place between Rosemont and Kolmar. This structure will block the view shed, as per the San Diego Municipal Codes for the public viewing of the shoreline, beach and the historical Windansea Surf Shack. There are issues of neglect that have in turn created public safety issues, watershed issues, eroding bluffs and chronic infrastructure degradation, all require immediate attention. The idea of building any structure on these delicate & eroding bluffs is outrageous and reckless! These types of structures are also crime magnets, encouraging late night gatherings, drug dealing and overnight shelter for the homeless.

A petition opposing the gazebo/belvedere collected more than 500 signatures in 48 hours. Please add you name to the petition Sign the petition. Please join us in opposing the belvedere permit. Write letters of opposition, join our email list and donate to help cover fees we are incurring to Stop The Gazebo/Belvedere construction. Thank you for your support!

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Permit Violations 2.png
Permit Violations 4.png

Take Action Now!

[All donations at this time will go to Land Use Attorney and Environmental Consultant Fees associated with Stop The Gazebo Campaign]

About Us

Preserve Windansea Beach Association was formed in early 2021 by Windansea residents concerned about the current public safety issues at Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park. We launch campaigns to fight public safety issues and are committed to the long term preservation and sustainability of this natural shoreline and beach park, with iconic open vistas, for all to enjoy.

Our first campaign, to stop private groups building structures like Gazebos on the public Windansea shoreline, quickly gained support in the community. We received more than 100 letters opposing the construction of the Gazebo in two months. Our ongoing “Stop The Gazbo” petition is approaching 1000 signatures. We raised $20,000 to pay Great Ecology to conduct a Biological Study, create a formal presentation to City Officials and cover legal fees. This campaign is still ongoing.

Preserve Windansea is growing and our members include Windansea residents, La Jollans and San Diegans who visit Windansea Shoreline and Beach to recreate and enjoy its open unobstructed vistas and epic sunsets. We believe this natural public shoreline and beach park is a beach for all of us. Please join Us. Click here to join our email list and receive updates.


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