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It's About Time to Get Healthier Seminar Series

Your circadian rhythm helps control your daily schedule for sleep and wakefulness to maintain physiological homeostasis and optimal functioning. This rhythm is tied to your 24-hour body clock, and most living things have one, and it responds to light and dark rhythms and adjusts to be in sync with seasons and local environments. Our well-being suffers when there is a discrepancy between our lifestyle habits and the inner clock. Today, we know that the circadian rhythm does not simply regulate sleep-wake cycles, but also influences the molecular biology of individual cells and organ systems. There is a right time to feed ourselves and take advantage of certain behaviors.

Disruption of the circadian rhythm has been linked to a range of health problems, including obesity, mood disorders, and cancer.

In this seminar series you will learn how to reset your internal clock, understand how to optimize your health by being in sync with your circadian rhythms, find out a right time to feed yourself and take advantage of certain behaviors, and receive hands-on lifestyle strategies to get your metabolism back on track.


Impact of Circadian Rhythms Explained

In this seminar you will learn what circadian rhythms are and the processes that they regulate including, sleep-wake behavior, hormone secretion, cellular function, and gene expression. You will learn what is getting you “out of sync” and how to reset your internal clock with some hands-on lifestyle strategies to correct the disruption and enhance our health and well-being.


Impact of Feeding Time Explained

There is a right time to feed ourselves and take advantage of certain behaviors. We are sabotaging our health through chaotic eating, binge eating at night, and eating at the wrong times. In this seminar you will learn about our body's need for nightly non-feeding hours for cellular regeneration and repair, how small changes can have a significant impact on your health and well-being.


When to "Behave" Explained

Our bodies have a natural physiological and metabolic protocol, or order for specific behaviors. In this seminar you will learn when the ideal time is to schedule certain behaviors and activities, including exercise, recovery, work, and breaks.

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Don't miss out on learning how our circadian rhythms play a critical role in our physical and mental health, and the impact our lifestyle behaviors have on the nurturing or disruption of our natural rhythm. See how these systems are so important that increasing evidence shows their disruption can lead to certain cancers, metabolic dysfunction, and mood disorders.

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