PRIDE Bermuda Tag Day 2021

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How to Participate


Make A Donation

Direct Deposit:

Bank of NT Butterfield

Name: PRIDE Bermuda

Account No: 20006060052740100

Online: www.pridebermuda.bm/donate

Please put your name and 'Virtual Tag Day' in the comment line so we know who to thank!


Once you complete your donation, change your Social Media Profile Frame to show your support! Remember to tag and challenge your friends!


  • Wear Red ‘Grub Day’ – wear red in support of PRIDE Bermuda with a $2 donation
  • Virtual Photoshoot – staff/volunteers take a photo wearing red and create a collage that you share on social media, tagging PRIDE Bermuda. All who participate donate $2, with a corporate matching
  • Tag Challenge: invite staff/volunteers to participate in a tag challenge. They tag co-workers, friends, family on their social media. If they answer the questions/complete the challenge, everyone tagged must donate $2.

We have prizes for the biggest individual donation, and for the individual that tags the most people who donate!

Check out our Annual Showcase! See what students and facilitators have said about our programmes.

A 15 min Showcase of our students and facilitators have learned and experienced during the year.

In the last 12 years, PRIDE Bermuda has focused on providing programmes that are measurable and effective, raising the bar on student engagement and student impact. Our PATHS and LifeSkills Training programmes provide learning and practice for you to improve their understanding of self, relationships, managing emotions, being able to empathise with others, decision-making, and drug awareness. Students have said that their participation in the programmes, has helped them to be more assertive when faced with peer pressure, expressing their feelings better, and are able to find new ways to cope with stress. This all means that they are less prone to turning to substances or other antisocial behaviours to manage negative emotions and experiences

About Us

PRIDE Bermuda (Parent Resource Institute for Drug Education) has been one of Bermuda’s foremost organizations. For nearly 35 years, we have been leading the charge against youth substance use and abuse, educating parents and guardians on drugs, and providing alternative experiences to keep youth out of situations and environments that could lead to substance exposure, use, and subsequently, abuse.

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