Windows Autopilot is a cloud-based provisioning technology that makes it easy to get new affordable Windows 10 devices into the classroom for students and educators — quickly and securely

Simplify device setup. 

Students power on their devices, connect them to the internet and sign in. Windows Autopilot automatically configures each device from the cloud

Save time and resources.

Students and teachers can use devices right out of the box without requiring a heavy lift or provisioning from IT. 

Ensure PCs are up-to-date and secure. 

 Student PCs always get configured with the latest Intune policies and apps, avoiding custom images and provisioning packages

Quickly reset and reconfigure devices.  

Initiate a remote Windows Autopilot Reset from Intune for Education. After all apps, settings, and user data are removed, PCs receive the latest Intune policies

Say goodbye to hours of manually imaging devices

Windows Autopilot provides setup and pre-configuration services for new devices, so they're ready for productive use right out of the box

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