A Fresh Look

Did you notice anything different when logging into your OSNW account this week? You should have! Our OSNW marketing team has worked hard the past couple of months to bring a better online shopping experience for you! We know it hasn’t been long since our last webstore update. However, as we inch closer to the new year, we felt it was time for some much-needed changes.

The Biggest Change

What change jumped at you first? The most notable difference that affects the entire webstore is the width. That’s right, we’re a couple of decades late but now offer a widescreen shopping experience! More specifically, the width of our store in pixels is now 1340, compared to the 970 pixels of our previous webstore. Widening our website allows our content to breathe a little more. Less cramped means easier access to the resources you need, while being more aesthetically pleasing.

Categories, Digital Catalogs, & More!

As we approach 2023, we felt it was the perfect time to retire the unnecessarily bulky physical catalogs and get with the times. All jokes aside, we are very happy to introduce all of our catalogs digitally! With just a click of a button, everyone now has access to our catalogs 24/7. Along with digital catalogs, our categories have been expanded upon as well. Our “Healthcare & Sanitation” category has an expanded inventory to offer (cleaning supplies, facility products, & more). “Ink & Toner” has been separated from the “Technology” category for better access to all of your printing needs. The “Furniture & Space Design” and “Promotional Products” category buttons now give a detailed explanation of those services we provide. Directly below our products and services is a new section of our homepage entitled “Resources”. This is where you can find: digital catalogs, green items, rebates, our blog, and accessing our email list! My personal favorite is the “green items” page. Accessing this page gives you a detailed look at all the categories we offer that have Eco-Friendly products. Spoiler alert, there are lots. Product images when searching have also been enhanced! Squint less, shop more.

Showcasing Who We Are

My goal when building the new webstore was to show the viewer what we do, who we are, and how we can help you. Yes, our goal is to sell you quality office products, but we wanted to get more personal. Our homepage introduces our story, this business has been running for nearly 60 years so there’s plenty to tell. Along with a re-vamped “About Us” page, it pairs nicely with links to our furniture job gallery, company directory, and testimonials. Hint hint, our Google review page is always open! (https://g.page/r/CYPpPtuCfqaDEB0/review)

Tell Us What You Think!

Now that you know the rundown of this webstore update, let us know what you think! The good, bad, ugly, or even buggy. All criticism is welcome so we can better your shopping experience in the future. Contact Alex at [email protected] for any webstore questions or concerns. 

Happy shopping!

Alex Mallula

November 22, 2022

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