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March 2021

Welcome to Our HeartMind Adventure!

Our HeartMind Adventure activities give you a way to understand more about the value of "Our 5Cs"—consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community. Here is a simple way to begin, starting with yourself.

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Step One: Observe

In a journal, whether digital or a notebook, prepare a log with three columns: date, self-care, and confidence. As you find time over the next month, plan out your self-care routines and make notes about your confidence.

Examples of self-care that you may want to monitor relate to diet, nutrition, sleep, and physical fitness. However, self-care may also include, taking time to relax, observing your breath, or meditating, perhaps with one of your favorite apps.

If you have found it helpful to monitor all of the 5Cs, you may also opt to use our template

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Step Two: Reflect

What did you discover as you monitored your self-care and confidence? Do you see a relationship? Which is the area of greatest concern to you?


As you review your notes, identify the barriers to your self-care and confidence. Are these barriers self-imposed? Do you find that surrounding world events, uncertainties within your school or district, or even the concerns of families and students take you away from a sense of joy in being in the present moment? 

Is there something you could do to minimize the barriers to your well-being and elevate your joy, your appreciation for your successes?

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Step Three: Deepen Your Understanding

Over the next month, find a few moments each day to put your hands over your heart and breathe. As you breathe, feel the warmth in your heart and reflect on your love for family, friends, and self. As you have time, jot down a few notes about what happens over the month as you focus on your heart and compassion.

Keeping the 5Cs in your Heart and Mind

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What are your takeaways from this step on our HeartMind Adventure?

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Journal: As you observe and reflect, take time periodically to write a few notes, perhaps noting some positive and negative events or circumstances. Consider students in your class or school. How do the events you have described impact them?

Discuss your thoughts and feelings as you explore our HeartMind Adventure this month.

Stay posted for next month's HeartMind Adventure.