Prayer is an essential part of faith in Jesus and being part of a community. As we continue to discover what it means to grow closer to Jesus and live out our faith by being #FOR the Fort, prayer is an essential part of this journey we are on together.

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Family of Ruth Abels at her death

Becki Weingrtner (healing for her vision)

Evan and Mary Jane Farmer (comfort and healing)

Steve and Bev Baily (wisdom in the care of their nephew, Ricky)

Betty Schiffbauer (awaiting test results)

Nicholas Rothgeb (prayers during his deployment)

Dan Rickert (strength and healing)

Karen and Peter Bojrab (strength and healing)

Beverly Carney (healing)

Sara Harper (healing and strength)


Dustin (leukemia/treatments)

Kristell (heart issues)

Gabrielle Ginder (for healing/recovery)

Mary (healing from injury)(Marilyn's Walrich's sister)

Sean (wisdom/strength) (Joyce Oberlin's grandson)

Friend with inoperable cancer (healing/trust in God)

Nancy and Mike Atkinson (recovery from surgeries/upcoming test results)

Prudy (healing from seizures)

Donald (responsive to treatment)

Ed (responsive to new treatment)

John (healing)

Elizabeth (rhealing)

Jani (healing) (Lois Lovinger's niece)

Isaiah (healing and God's will) (Ruth Abels' grandson)

Ricky (healing for his cervical spine)

Nicholas (his healing and peace over his family)

Kathy Hoos' father (healing and God's will)

Owen (healing for rare disorder)


Golden Years– Rosemary Roberts, Helen Niccum

Heritage Park–Walt Neumann

The Heritage–Evan & Mary Jane Farmer

Lutheran Life Villages (Anthony)– Robert/Susan Chandler

Towne House– Barb Begley

Georgetowne Place- Nancy Kelley, John Quick, Becky Middleton

Silver Birch- Mary Graham

At home– Peter Bojrab, Joy Follis, Sharon Applegate, Barbara Harvey, Betty Schiffbauer, Nancy L. Smith, Mary Grove (CA)

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-Tracy's test


-For Eli & Eileen who are beginning of engagement

-For Mezar to go to work soon

-For a friend struggling with alcohol

-For family

-For someone opening a business

-For Max to heal and come back to football

-For a friend who wants to obey God

-Praise God for healing family relationships

-"Appreciate your prayers for guidance, strength, peace"

-Praise for a successful interview!

-For George and Alfred

-For Keith's health issues

-For Kelly's special request

-"My Daddy"

-For clarity in counseling

-For a friend who was in a car accident

-For a friend struggling with COVID

-"Need you now more than ever Jesus"

-For Jan who fell

-For Wanda's recovery from heart surgery

-For Gabrielle

-For Kids who are "going through stuff they don't deserve. For them to be okay."

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