The Amazing Jewish Calendar


When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Small Piece of Pie, It’s Rosh Chodesh

Jokes about “Jewish time” notwithstanding, Jews mark the passage of time with an astonishing precision and consistency. Nothing influences Jewish life as much as the Jewish calendar. And yet, most Jews have no idea how their calendar works. Or how it came to be. Or why the Holy Days seem to move around (they don’t, actually). Or how the calendar’s been able to function perfectly for nearly 17 centuries without any adjustment. 

Sundays, beginning April 25 at 10am, Cantor Siegel will hold a symposium on the history and the mechanics of the Jewish calendar, covering topics including:  

Basic Astronomy

Evolution of our Civil Calendar

The Jewish calendar compared to the Muslim, Egyptian, Julian and Gregorian systems

Is the Jewish calendar lunar? (Or just looney?)

The Babylonian roots of the Jewish calendar (Welcome to Baghdad Central Time)

Marking time in the days of the Temple

Months, seasons and Holy Days (Keeping Pesach out of the winter)

Common Years and Leap years

Full months, defective months, and months that can’t make up their minds

Tweaking the Calendar (Is Rosh Hashanah early or late this year?)

Join Cantor Siegel in exploring the amazing Jewish calendar, beginning April 25 at 10am.