Have you had a look at the new Intact Portal yet?

Intact Portal: What you need to know

Why is additional security being added to the Intact Portal?

With the increase in cyber-attacks targeting brokers and insurance companies, additional security is necessary to keep your customers’ data secure and Intact’s online tools accessible to you.

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA can prevent 99.9 per cent of cyber-attacks*. It asks users for additional evidence to verify their identity to gain access to a website, app or digital resource. For the Intact Portal, users will be sent a code to the email associated with their account.

How will the MFA process work?

After a username and password is entered, users will be prompted to complete the MFA process. A code is sent to the email address associated with the username and must be entered in the Intact Portal within 15 minutes of being received. After the code is entered, access is granted to the new Intact Portal. Multi-factor authentication will be added to each account over the coming weeks.


*One simple action you can take to prevent 99.9 percent of attacks on your accounts, Source: Microsoft

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