Ask Larry: Ways To Keep Hospital Bills As Low As Possible

By Larry Hayes, A050 publisher

Hospital charges are out of sight! Here are some possible ways to help lower your bills:

• Know your insurance coverage inside out.

• Prioritize preventive care to avoid bigger bills later.

• Stick to in-network providers to save on costs.

• Review your itemized bill for accuracy.

• Consider payment plans for large bills.

• Opt for generic medications when possible.

• Question the necessity of tests and procedures.

• Negotiate prices, especially for elective services.

• Explore financial assistance programs if needed.

• Stay informed and advocate for yourself or have a friend speak on your behalf.


I don't believe that hospitals and doctors are out to "rip you off" and saddle you with a huge bill. There are many reasons why healthcare in America is the most expensive in the world.

While visiting a friend at a local hospital, I noticed the impressive high tech bed and medical instruments designed to speed his recovery. Someone has to pay

for this new, innovative healthcare technology and products. And it's us.

Besides higher utilization of costly medical technology, the three driving forces behind high healthcare costs today are administrative expenses, corporate greed and price gouging.

People age 65 and over, on average, spend more on healthcare than any other age group due to chronic health conditions like dementias, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and arthritis. And the number of older Americans is expected to increase total healthcare costs over time.