About the Acquisition of Savannah Millworks and Xylo Frames

Christy and Tom Woiwode acquired Savannah Millworks and its related entities on October 1, 2021. With an acquisition of this magnitude, a transition timeline was implemented that involved the former owners. The legal entity is Southeast Millworks and Supply LLC and does business as Savannah Millworks, Architectural Millworks, and Xylo Art Frames. This business, as well as all other businesses they own, is a woman majority owned and operated business (WBE). Ron Horton remained with the company until March 31, 2022 when the transition was completed. 

We are proud to say that all employees remain, and the traditions of exceptional craftsmanship will continue. Although Christy and Tom are the new owners, they are the first to say it is the craftsmen and artisans at the heart of Savannah Millworks, and it is those men and women that will keep the traditions alive. With the business operations experience of the new owners the overall production process has already taken leaps forward.

Operational Improvements

The first step in operations was to enhance the executive leadership. Jon Mobley, a seasoned contractor and business associate of the new owners joined as the new General Manager. Additional craftsmen were hired in the cabinet and millwork shops, and an additional molder operator and CNC technician were added to the staff. Leslie Woiwode, having extensive experience in Operations was added to the team.

To address the supply chain issues, wood and hardware stock par levels have been created as they could be obtained.  Routine stock levels of our most common selections are now maintained for immediate deliveries. Production management systems and policies have been implemented to improve throughput and warehouse space has been organized to improve inventory management.

Xylo Art Frames is one of the few domestic producers of fine wood framing supplies that remain in the United States. This division of Savannah Millworks has been emphasized and a molder and molder operator are now dedicated to the production of stock and custom art moldings.

About the New Owners

Christy and Tom Woiwode (pronounced "why-woody") are not new to the Savannah business scene. Many of you may know them from the real estate industry. They own and operate Coldwell Banker Access Realty, one of the largest real estate brokerages in the Southeast. Composed of 12 locations in two states with nearly 300 affiliates, this brokerage has been recognized nationally for service and sales. In 2021, they had nearly $1 billion in sales and assisted with the sale of over 4,000 homes. Along with the brokerage, they own and operate two real estate schools offering both online and classroom based education throughout middle and southeast Georgia. 

The new owners also own and operate a furniture plant that manufactures designer quality furniture and cabinetry. The furniture they manufacture is a brand known as Seabrook Classics and can be found at www.SeabrookClassics.com. This plant has been producing furniture and cabinetry since 2008.

Christy is the daughter of Ben Farmer (Julie) and Connie Ray (Dr. William S. Ray) who are well known in Savannah business. Christy has worked in all aspects of business, from front receptionist and bookkeeping in the family business, and now the majority owner and CEO of several successful companies. She has been recognized nationally for her business and operational expertise.

Tom is the son of Dick Woiwode, a general contractor and serial entrepreneur. His father has built some of the finest homes in Hilton Head Island and Bray's Island, South Carolina. Tom has been raised around construction all of his life, and helped start the furniture and cabinet company, which he and Christy now own and operate. Tom is a real estate broker, real estate instructor, furniture designer, and IT specialist.

Christy and Tom are in their 29th year of marriage and have 4 children with their first grandchild on the way. There son's are graduates of Benedictine Military School, and there daughters are graduates of Savannah Christian and St. Vincent's Academy. They have been in business together for over 22 years. They have built their businesses on a foundation of integrity and ethics, and prefer their employees, products, and services receive all the recognition. You are more likely to find them teaching, working in the shop, leading a sales meeting, designing furniture, or sweeping the floor than in a board room. Anyone who works with them knows they will never ask of others what they would not do themselves – which is the secret to their success.

The Future of Savannah Millworks

As a woman owned and operated architectural millworks, custom cabinet shop, and art frame supplier, Savannah Millworks is uniquely positioned in the industry for growth, and will continue to provide excellence to the trade in Savannah and beyond. The demand for products remains high as new customers are added and old customers return. All are invited to come by and meet the new owners and staff. We are located at 2605 Causton Bluff Road, Savannah, GA 31404 and can be reached at 912-236-1870.

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Christy and Tom Woiwode

(pronounced "Why-Woody")

New owners of Savannah Millworks


Also doing business as Architectural Millworks, and Xylo Art Frames found at www.XyloFrames.com

2605 Causton Bluff Road

Savannah, GA 31404