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The Imago Professional Facilitator Training Program

October 28 - December 9

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Thursdays, October 28 - December 9, 2021

Weekly from 1pm - 4pm Eastern

This module will prepare you for the rather challenging task of bringing the Imago tools and principles into the complexity of the organizational world. You will learn to perceive life in organizations through the Imago lens and you will learn some specific Imago processes tailored for the organizational context. To be effective as an Imago facilitator you must have sufficient and adequate understanding of leadership and organizations. 

Many leadership theories and many organizational theories are based on values and principles very different from the imago values of connection, belonging, equality and participation.In order to align your organizational understanding with the Imago theory you will be introduced to central concepts from Sociocracy and the theory of communities of practice. Imago theory, Sociocracy and communities of practice is a theoretical triad that will make you a unique organizational Imago facilitator. 

You will be able to use the imago communication tools for conflict resolution, for optimizing relations and interactions in the organization and for optimizing better coordination amongst participants in the organizational life, which in the end will make the organization much more effective in fulfilling their mission; and will make life in the organization much more satisfying for all participants. The Imago facilitator will be of great value for any organization. 


$700 for Imago Therapists*

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Meet Our Presenter:

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John Hjarso Mortensen

John is a faculty member at the Imago International Training institute as well as a a clinical professor at Daybreak University  in Los Angeles California and lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. Johns extensive experience includes individual therapy, couples therapy, imago couples therapy, training and further training of therapists, management development, leadership training, team building, competence development and conflict resolution.

Interested in becoming a Certified Imago Facilitator?


Mondays, January 10 - February 28, 2022

Weekly from 12-3pm Eastern


Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation presents some basic concepts of relational competence, including presence, safety and connection. Participants learn and practice the elements of the Imago Dialogue process and how to apply these in various settings with others who are not familiar with this amazingly effective way of communicating. An understanding of basic human developmental needs and areas of functioning guides the Facilitator in their way of being. A clear model of current and desired functioning helps Facilitators conceptualize issues that clients may present with and to help them move towards new possibilities. Relational ethics and working with diversity are also addressed. Available on-line.

This course can be taken as stand alone learning experience, or as part of the larger Certification Course.

For more information or questions, email Allison at

"This training not only transforms the way you work with clients, but provides the opportunity for invaluable personal and relational growth"