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The Quarter Turn - Swagelok Western NY Customer Newsletter

December 2023

Pete Jobling: Advance to Solutions

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As we close out the year, our 22nd as Swagelok Western NY, I’m appreciative and proud of our evolution as a company. In 2001, when we brought the Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse businesses under one roof I couldn’t have imagined what we would look like today.

Back then we were simply a Swagelok component supplier. As we developed stronger customer relationships, we realized there was an opportunity to share our expertise to further meet customer needs, and help solve fluid system challenges. Thus, we began offering onsite services, such as leak detections, hose advisories and fluid system evaluations. We further enhanced our capabilities by adding a fabrication and assembly team.

Turns out we were ahead of the curve within Swagelok.

Advance to Solutions

Across Swagelok’s global footprint there is an emphasis on “Advance to Solutions” – to support customers with valuable fluid system expertise and solutions. It is a concept Swagelok WNY employed organically as we grew our business: aligning our teams, business processes, and capabilities in ways that are specific to your needs.

I always encourage our team to look for areas/opportunities where we can add relevant capabilities, and we will make the necessary investments whether it is in our associates or equipment.

Technical Team Growth:

  • 3 associates earned Swagelok Technical Certification in 2023 enabling us to offer onsite services more effectively across our territory. 
  • Additional associates have been identified for the certification program in 2024 as we continue to grow that team.

Tools and Equipment:

  • Continue to invest in equipment to enhance the capabilities of our fabrication and assembly team.
  • Added a new milling machine this month

We will continue to look for opportunities to innovate and advance our capabilities to bring greater value to all customer solutions. I would love to hear if there are more opportunities for us to help you with system challenges.

Thank you very much for your business in 2023 and I look forward to continuing to support your business in 2024.

I wish you a safe and very happy holiday.


Pete Jobling

President – Swagelok Western NY

[email protected]

Jeff Namy: Swagelok Corporate Update

Jeff Namy.jpg

In the same vein as Pete’s message, I’ll provide some 2023 corporate updates and the tie-in to 2024.

As previously communicated, Swagelok’s intent coming out of the pandemic was to prepare for the expected upturn in demand. Despite supply chain challenges, Swagelok remained steadfast in their plan to keep building inventory while many other suppliers were reducing production.

Those production efforts resulted in:

  • Reducing backlog by 50% in 2023
  • Putting fill rates on target
  • Dramatically reducing lead times across the board

In addition, the Sourcing Team is working with our suppliers to make sure they are also making capital investments to ensure Swagelok has the right partnerships.

Industry sources are predicting a semiconductor project ramp up later in 2024. Locally, we are working proactively to understand our customers’ future needs and make necessary inventory adjustments.

We encourage you to consider placing blanket purchase orders for products you will be ordering at regular intervals. Blanket POs allow us to plan our inventory positions and prioritize dedicated product for you.

Ask your sales representative about blanket POs and how they can help you better manage your inventory and projects.


Jeff Namy

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

[email protected]

Fabrication Services - Panel Capabilities

When you need a turnkey solution,

turn to Swagelok WNY

Short on manpower? Need a quick turnaround?

Our Swagelok-trained and certified fabrication and assembly technicians will turn your challenges into solutions. From project inception to completion, Swagelok WNY is your one-stop source for custom assemblies.

One of the areas where our technicians excel is in the design and assembly of fluid system panels. A sampling of the panel applications our team has built include:

  • Air Supply
  • Point of Use Regulator
  • Air & Specialty Gas Distribution
  • Pressure Control
  • Chemical Coating Transfer Mixing
  • Vacuum Test Chamber Control
  • Mobile Purge
  • High Purity Compressed Gas

Built with genuine Swagelok components, you’ll find no higher quality panels. We deliver a repeatable solution with testing, inspection, documentation, and packaging – all with Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Additional benefits our customers realize:

  • Avoid costs related to procuring products through middle-man suppliers, inaccurate budgeting, scrap, and incompatible components. 
  • Minimize up-front costs with panels optimized to use the fewest possible parts.
  • Minimize longer term maintenance and replacement costs with panels designed to have the fewest potential leak points and built using the highest quality components.
  • Maximize reliability and performance by having Swagelok-Certified Technicians build the panels and subject them to all needed testing before delivery.

Learn more about our Fabrication Services

Vendor Managed Inventory

Swagelok products where you need them,

when you need them

One of the many ways we can save you money is through our Inventory Management Program. A Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) provides you with an onsite inventory of Swagelok components – organized, stocked and maintained by us!

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs by analyzing their inventory, establishing minimum and maximum product levels and replenishing inventory so components are consistently available.

Benefits of a Vendor Managed Inventory:

  • On-site, 24/7 availability of products
  • Regularly scheduled, no-charge deliveries
  • Tubing delivered capped, bagged and damage-free
  • Reduce costs associated with ordering, cycle counting and receiving product
  • Maximize inventory performance
  • Eliminate stock-outs and reduce downtime
  • A dedicated Service Specialist to manage and continually replenish onsite inventories

Our web-based Inventory Management Software provides:

  • Full SAP integration to ensure accuracy
  • Order history visibility
  • Analytics to determine forecast trends
  • Location tags that can be created for drawer or even section of drawer assignment
  • Automation designed to greatly reduce manual entry
  • Charging of component usage to individual jobs/sites

Your local sales representative can work with you to create an inventory tailored to your specific needs.

Swagelok Training & Education Courses

You use high quality Swagelok components to ensure safety and reliability, but are you sure they are being installed correctly? Even the most reliable products can lead to fluid system problems if installed improperly. 

Every individual and operation can improve, and the right training can quickly pay for itself. Swagelok WNY offers numerous training and education programs including:

Our courses are instructed by Swagelok-certified trainers and are designed to enhance a seasoned employees’ skills or bring newer employees up to speed faster. Your team will benefit by:

  • Reducing errors
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Improving efficiency

And every trainee receives a Swagelok Certificate of Completion.

All trainings can be held at your facility or ours. Lunch and Learns can also be scheduled for the convenience of your team.

Be sure to include fluid system training in your 2024 plans.

2024 Calendars Available

Our New York State 2024 Calendars are now available.

Grab one the next time you visit one of our offices or ask your local sales representative.

Holiday Hours

Swagelok WNY offices will be closed on Monday 12/25, Tuesday 12/26 and Monday 1/1/24 as we celebrate the Holidays with family and friends.

We hope you are able to do the same and wish you a very safe and happy holiday!

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