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Thursday, June 10, 2021


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LATINA Style Inc. is proud to extend an exclusive invitation for you to join us at this unique conference. The LSBS is a business development program that brings together Latina business owners to provide the counsel, the goods and services needed for Latina entrepreneurs. The development and growth of LATINA-owned businesses not only benefit LATINAS but also provides a significant positive effect on our economy. 

Program Schedule

The LSBS 2021 is focused on the ameliorating effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on small businesses, what business have been impacted the hardest, and on ways to give strength and hope to small businesses that are still struggling during these challenging times. Highlighting resources available to business owners and entrepreneurs will be a central component of this year’s conference.

Entrepreneur Corner

"It is very humbling and an honor to have our years of hard work acknowledged by LATINA Style, Inc. My team and I continually strive to provide a meaningful impact between Hispanic and Mainstream cultures to truly bridge gaps within the economy and social justice," said president & CEO of Cool & Associates, Veronica Cool. "This includes improving how Latinos access better healthcare and career opportunities through outreach and communications, while supporting our clients and partners strategically to serve the Latino population. I couldn't be more proud to be recognized for this award knowing how vital this work is to our Latino community."

Veronica Cool LSBS Baltimore 2019

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Dominican-born Veronica Cool founded Cool & Associates, a consulting firm to connect organizations to the Hispanic community; offering strategy, training, marketing/PR & language services.