Longarm Finish Quilting Services


Medium - Large Overall

Edge to edge basic meander starting at $.03/sq. inch

Small Overall

Edge to edge basic meander $.04/sq. inch

Specialty Overall

Large: Edge to edge meander $.05/sq. inch

Small: Edge to edge meander $.06/sq. inch

Custom Quilting

$.07/sq. inch

Must meet with quilter to discuss designs and layout for your specific quilt

Preparation Requirements:

  • Back of one side max width- 100"/Other side can be longer
  • Backing and batting must extend 6-8" beyond the top on ALL SIDES.
  • No bed sheets will be accepted for backing.
  • All threads must be clipped and seams secure on top and back.
  • Quilt top, batting, and backing, provided by the customer, should not be pinned together.
  • If the backing is in sections, the customer is responsible for sewing it together.
  • If the backing is seamed, it is best to have the seam HORIZONTAL to the top edge for best quality finish.
  • Quilts must be pressed, the top marked and folded top to bottom.
  • Quilts must be hung on a hangar with the top on one side and the bottom on the other.
  • Backing must be similarly folded and masked.


  • All quilts are finished on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All quilts must be fully prepared and paid in full before being placed in line for service.
  • Creekside is not responsible for folds in fabric due to fullness in seams or borders while quilting.
  • Creekside will not be responsible for improperly masked or short backings.
  • Creekside reserves the right to decline any quilt.

Creekside is proud to be apart of your creative process, and we are thankful you have chosen our services.