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Enjoy these eye-opening takes on our Delmarva experience - past, present, and future - by regional authors who take their time and dig deep. New findings, new stories, new perspectives.

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The Stars Came Out

For more than a century, marquee-topping actors, actresses and directors have beat a path to the Delmarva Peninsula. Brent Lewis tells one spellbinding tale after another - and they're all true - from The First Kiss to Runaway Bride and Wedding Crashers.

Maybe there's something in the water?

Winner of a national 2023 IPPY Silver Medal in the performing arts category.


Jim Crow Days

The nation was on the cusp of the Roaring Twenties, but Talbot County was making headlines for all the wrong reasons. A successful Black farmer with a runaway wife left town to find her at just the wrong time - and got framed for the rape of a White teenager. After two trials, multiple lynching attempts, and two sensational escapes, Isaiah Fountain became the last person to be legally executed on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Winner of a 2023 IPPY Gold Medal for regional nonfiction.


You *Can* Try This at Home!

How a sleepy, one-time 19th-century railroad depot transformed itself into "America's Coolest Small Town" - using everything from bathtub races to social media. With many ideas that any community can try if it wants to get started on the road to becoming a magnet for tourists and visitors - aka guests.

From former Berlin Mayor Gee Williams (2008-2020).


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