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CFCC Symposium on

Protecting Family Integrity

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

8:00am - 4:00pm

Byron L. Warnken Moot Courtroom

The University of Baltimore School of Law John and Frances Angelos Law Center

CFCC’s 2022 Symposium focuses on some of the causes and consequences of family separation in our country. CFCC will continue to use the expertise that we bring, in collaboration with the expertise in our community, to reduce harm and improve the lives of children and families through a wide range of activities. We can’t do this work without the support, wisdom, and collaboration of community partners and individuals like you, who are serving and working on behalf of our most vulnerable populations.


On issues affecting families and children, we strive to be a place to exchange ideas, debate notions of justice and equity, and educate and learn from one another.


We hope that this event’s panels discussing how the child welfare and criminal justice systems impact family integrity will spark new ideas and forge new opportunities to help define, what our keynote speaker Andrea James calls, “What different looks like.”

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Dorothy Roberts and Andrea James offered a keynote conversation to kick off CFCC’s symposium on protecting family integrity, moderated by CFCC Faculty Director, Shanta Trivedi.

Keynote Conversation: Protecting Family Integrity

Morning Panel: Promoting Family Integrity While Ensuring Children’s Welfare

Afternoon Panel: Incarceration and Its Devastating Impact on Families 

Evaluation is very important to us.  We rely on your feedback to help plan and improve our future symposia and events. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. If you have not already done so please take a moment to complete an evaluation of the symposium.


Your attendance helped make this event a great success and we hope you will join us for future CFCC in-person and virtual events.


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Morning Panelists - Odeana Neal, Kristin Henning, Nicole Hanson-Mundell, Shari Ostrow Scher, and Yanet Amanuel.

Afternoon Panelists - Joyce McMillan, Shereen A. White, Marty Guggenheim, Stephanie Franklin, Jamar Barnes, and Nate Golden.

View full bio profiles for our keynote and panelists on the program speaker page.

Why Focus on Family Separation?

Every day in the United States, our government separates children from their parents. These separations may be based on parents’ incarceration, a child's involvement with the juvenile justice system. The majority of the families separated by government intervention are racial minorities and economically underprivileged.


Regardless of why children are separated from their parents, the impact is severe, and the effects are felt throughout their lives. When a decision is made to remove children from their family, they have no say in the matter and may not understand why this is happening to them. Children separated from their parents grieve and struggle in many areas of their lives. They face setbacks academically, emotionally, and economically. 


In our first return to an in-person gathering since 2019, CFCC focuses on the causes and consequences of family separation in our country. This day-long event is an opportunity for lawyers, students, impacted people, advocates, activists, teachers, social workers, judges, scholars, and community members to talk about approaches to preventing separation when possible and dealing with the consequences to minimize harm on children when separation occurs. 


Register now to join us for this free event to explore how we can apply insights from different disciplines to the challenges facing at-risk families in Baltimore and across the country to develop approaches that will help families and children stay together and thrive

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Attendees lined up to share a moment with Dorothy Roberts during the book signing of her new book Torn Apart. If you’d like to order a copy please click here.

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What is a Family?


Truancy Court Program students in 6th and 7th grades responded with submissions to the TCP Art Contest. If you missed the display at the Symposium you can view all of the submissions on our online gallery.

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