Association Book Exhibit

Southeastern Psychological Association

Virtual Exhibit

March 17-20, 2021

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´╗┐Association Book Exhibit (ABE) presents a multi-publisher co-operative display of books & journals. ABE has served the publishing community for over 50 years, presenting at approximately 2,500 exhibits in all areas of academic, scholarly, & professional endeavors. We are thrilled to yet again be a part of SEPA 2021.

We encourage all SEPA attendees to click on our exhibit and examine our comprehensive array of offerings from the participating publishers, all of whom have been encouraged to offer discounts equal to or better than other online ordering options. ABE will continue to have their SEPA catalog active on their "Titles on Display Ordering Bookstore" website for an extended period after the conclusion of the virtual conference.

We invite you to visit, linger, browse & buy from an ever growing assortment of catalogs, listing titles from recent, as well as future, meetings in a wide variety of subject areas.

*Click on the image below to browse our catalog.

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Highlighted Titles



Title: What Stories are You Living?: Discover Your Archaetypes - Transform Your Life

Author: Carol S. Pearson, PhD

Publication Date: March 23, 2021


Title: Wounded Workers

Author: Dr. Bob Larsen

Publication Date: March 2021

Simon & Schuster:

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