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The Albariño Wines of Rías Baixas

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Paco & Lola

Val do Salnés

100% Albariño. Founded in 2005 with the slogan “exceptional wine for exceptional people,” Paco & Lola farms 500 acres of vineyards parceled out over 1900 small holdings. Look for the wine’s signature bold polka dots and charming fruit-forward flavors to match.

Viña Nora

Classic Beverage

O Rosal

100% Albariño grapes sourced from the warmer sub-region of O Rosal. Viña Nora has pronounced aromas of golden apples, ripe pears, and pineapple.

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Pazo das Bruxas Albariño

Val do Salnés & O Rosal

100% Albariño, made in the southern O Rosal area with some grapes from the central Val do Salnés Intensely aromatic with a dry, long finish on the palate. Fun fact: Pazo das Bruxas is named for “las bruxas,” or witches of the region who used dances and spells to ensure a fruitful harvest.


La Caña Albariño

Val Do Salnés

Bodegas La Caña is located in the Valley of Salnés, Rías Baixas’ first sub-region, known for its classic coastal influences. A benchmark style, mineral-driven and sea-salty, balanced by rich flavors of ripe citrus. 

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As Laxas

Vin Market Selections

Condado do Tea 

Not your everyday Albariño, As Laxas goes beyond the norm to make wines with loads of personality that comes naturally. 100% Albariño sourced from the warm Miño River Valley in Rías Baixas, the wines are ripe and delicious, bursting with tropical fruit notes and balanced acidity.


Classic Wines

Val do Salnés

100% Albariño. The Winery works with 300 grower-members of Martín Códax tending small family plots to source Albariño from multiple sub-areas of Rías Baixas. The result is a complex portrayal of the variety. 


European Wine & Spirits

O Rosal

100% Albariño from the Adegas Valmiñor winery. Sourced from a vineyard that creates wines with a perfect balance of ripeness and acidity.

Granbazán Limousin

Vin Market Selections

Val do Salnés

This project began at the end of the 80s when the first experiments with French oak barrels started. During the last harvests, the technique has been refined to achieve a wine with a perfect balance between wood and fruit.

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