*Intuitive Awareness Training*

Level Two

Intuitive Awareness Training - Level Two

Expanding Your Intuition: Tools for Psychically Reading Yourself & Others

This 8-class series is designed to increase your intuitive perception and self-healing abilities.

We are all mirrors of each other. Every time you “look” at someone intuitively, it gives you a chance to heal something within yourself.

The intention of these classes is to teach you how to heal yourself, and greatly expand your intuition by psychically looking at yourself and others.

You will do this by learning to:

  • prepare yourself to safely do a reading
  • read the layers of the aura
  • read past life times
  • read spiritual agreements
  • differentiate between past, present and future information
  • process and release your own fears, invalidation, and self-limiting beliefs

Class is taught once per week. Each class is 75 minutes long. To allow for Q&A and feedback, class size is limited to 10 participants. I may occasionally run over time, so please allow space for that possibility.

*This class is taught via Zoom.  Please be familiar with Zoom before the first class.

*No refunds are given after the series has started - I do this so that participants will set their intention to commit to the experience.


Marie, the Spirit Guide

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