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´╗┐Wilson Natural Gut

Ok, so it's not made out of "cat gut" any more (but it is a natural gut, which is processed from the lining of sheep intestines), but I couldn't resist a Bill the Cat image in the newsletter. Natural gut string--yes, it's still a thing! This is the string we would probably all play with if we each had our own private racket stringer on call and if budget was not an issue. At $62 per string job, it's not the cheapest string we offer at the club, but the combination of power, ease on the arm, and tension maintenance are unparalleled by any synthetic string you might compare it with. Some come close, like Head Reflex, and at a lower price point, but no string truly has it all like natural gut. "So what's the downside?", you might ask. Durability. If you're a frequent string breaker, this isn't your optimal string. The string will fray and break in about the same time as a synthetic multifilament, so it'll end up costing you a fortune if you break strings a lot. One of the biggest advantages of this string is how soft it is on your arm--it's the go-to string for chronic arm pain sufferers, and it really does feel like nothing else. So do you have $62 burning a hole in your pocket? Try it out today and see for yourself!