Ignite Leadership Summit

Saturday, January 30, 2020

8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


 We all have one - a call.

You are Gifted & Called.

But you gotta MOVE!

Together, we will EXPLORE and UNDERSTAND Call,

CLARIFY the UMC Process

& Help you RESPOND to your call

PLUS when you register you receive...

FREE book mailed to you and

FREE next-step coaching after The Summit

Why the Ignite Leadership Summit?

The St. Louis Caucus of BMCR through conversation honed in that leadership among both laity and clergy was a key need in churches. Armed with this information, the Caucasus took action to apply for a grant to come alongside the annual conference to identify and develop more leaders; not just deacons and elders, but leadership at every level of the church, local, district, and general.

Mission: To develop effective prophetic leaders to engage and transform the church and community. 

Vision: Igniting and leading prophetic leaders to impact the 21st century church and world to build God’s Kingdom on earth.



If your church is like most, it's losing members and feels somewhat disconnected from the surrounding community, you're not alone. There are many reasons why the church at large is in decline. While some of those are beyond our control, we do have at least one thing we can do: identify leaders and strengthen existing leaders already in our midst.

YOU are the Key:

People leading already but want to know more. 

Emerging leaders

Candidates for Ordination, Licensed Local Pastors, Lay, Certified Lay Minister,

Benchwarmers and everyone in between.


Your gifts will make room for you.

Proverbs 18:16

The heartbeat of the Methodist Movement is laity - you.

When you are ignited to live out your call, use your gifts and serve with purpose in the world, Jesus is gloried and the church is edified. You are created for greater impact and transformation for the sake of Christ, the church and our communities.

Clergy, with your leadership and inspiration, laity grow and become who God has called them to be. Your presence at Ignite will support and encourage your laity to continue becoming all God has called them to be. One of the most transformative relationships is between a pastor and her/his congregation.


Welcome & Prayer

Rev. Michelle McGee, St. Louis Caucus BMCR President


Colette Cummings, Laity, Maplewood UMC

Today's Purpose

Rev. Michelle McGee

Rev. Stephanie Leonard


Rev. Cody Collier


Know the Water You’re Swimming In: Organization of the UMC

Rev. Michele Sue Williams


Keys to Surviving and Juggling The Process

Rev. Londia Granger Wright

Q & A/Panel

Rev. Tracey Wolff, Rev. Dr. Jeff Williams, Rev. Adrienne Denson Ewell

Guided Prayer/Reflection

Next Steps & Closing in Prayer

+ FREE book and next-step Coaching after the Summit when you register!


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Rev. Cody Collier

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, he holds a B.S. degree in Speech Communications and Theater from Tennessee State University.

In 1979 he received a Master of Divinity degree from the Interdenominational Theological Center (Gammon Seminary) in Atlanta, Georgia, where he received the James H. Clark Preaching Award.  He received his Deacons Orders in June 1977 and his Elders Orders in June 1980.  In 1999, he become the proud recipient of a Doctorate of Divinity degree.

He previously was District Superintendent in the former Kansas City North District and was District Superintendent in the former Heartland South District. He most

recently served as the Assistant to the Bishop


Rev. Michele-Sue Williams

A retired Elder of the United Methodist Church, she earned a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Kansas and a

Master of Divinity from Gammon Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rev. Williams was ordained Deacon in 1978 and Elder in 1984, becoming the first African American clergywoman ordained in the Missouri United Methodist Conferences. In 1997 she became the first African American clergywoman to be named District

Superintendent in our eight-state South Central Jurisdiction and served the Mark Twain and later the Heartland South Districts until to 2005.


Rev. Londia Granger Wright

Rev. Londia Granger Wright is a retired ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. She most recently served as Gateway Central District Superintendent for three years. Previously she pastored three congregations for 17 years.

She earned a Master of Divinity degree at Saint Paul School of Theology in 2002. The St. Louis native is a graduate of St. Louis University, where she earned a Bachelor of Communication and a Master of Arts in English.

In addition, she served as annual conference secretary for six years. She served on many district and conference committees including Sessions, Rules and Procedures, District Committees of the Superintendency and District Committees on Ministry.