More Than 50% of Winemakers in Rías Baixas are Women

Rías Baixas in the northwestern corner of Spain boasts a rich history of female leadership in viticulture and winemaking.

As history tells us, the men of Rías Baixas were often at sea for extended periods of time, leaving the women in charge of the land and vineyards. These women proved to be exceptional leaders, managing all aspects of viticulture and winemaking with confidence.

Today, the legacy of these strong women continues. In fact, more than 50% of Rías Baixas' owners and winemakers are women – a statistic that ranks high among all world wine regions. Women are driving the region's continued success, producing some of the world's most acclaimed Albariño wines.

What is most inspiring about the women of Rías Baixas is their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. They have worked tirelessly to perfect their craft, while also breaking down gender barriers and creating new opportunities for future generations of female winemakers.

Pazo De Señorans

Owner Marisol Bueno & Winemaker Ana Quintela Suárez

Marisol Bueno was one of the pioneers of D.O. Rías Baixas, serving as the first regional President for 21 years (1986-2007). Winemaker Ana Quintela Suárez joined Pazo de Señoráns in 1991 and is known for her experimental sur lies techniques.

Martín Códax

Winemaker Katia Álvarez

Winemaker Katia Álvarez has been at the helm of Martín Códax since 2005. In partnership with 300 grower-members of Martín Códax, Katia works with Albariño from multiple sub-regions of the region, allowing her to fully explore the complexity of the variety.

Palacio de Fefiñanes

Winemaker Cristina Mantilla

Palacio de Fefiñanes has been associated with winemaking in Cambados since the 17th century, and most recently, has benefitted from winemaker Cristina Mantilla’s 30+ years of experience in Rías Baixas. Cristina seeks to preserve the authenticity and tradition of this historic estate and vineyards while showcasing intense aromatics and a distinctly Atlantic character.

Bodegas Castro Martín

Winemaker/Owner Angela Martin Serantes

Bodegas Castro Martín is a family-owned business dedicated to the highest quality Albariño. The current winery was built in 1981 by owner Domingo Martín-Morales and is now managed by daughter Angela Martín. Winemaker/Owner Angela Martín has been responsible for day-to-day management and winemaking since 1992 and also serves on the board of D.O. Rias Baixas.

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