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Dementia Support Harvest Kit

Get Your Residents Engaged In Meaningful Activity.

Real Life Adult Activities




Pepper Activity .jpg

This Pepper Sort brings harvest to life. The picture cue cards make it fails proof

Oil & Wine Cork Sort

This tactile activity is a great compliment to the Niagara Wine Harvest Reader and Harvest Wine Colouring Sheets

Colour sheet- Wine Bottle.jpg

Supportive Colouring

Supportive, fully coloured pictures help the person know the colours they should choose for the picture without having to recall what the picture looked like. Easel is included!

Niagra Wine Harvest Reader.jpg

Apple Sort

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Apple Sort . Pine Cone & Acorn Sort

 Harvest Fruits Sort  . Country Spatula Sort 

Mason Jar Sort  .  Harvest Vegetable Picture Sort  

Apple Reader  . Niagara Wine Harvest Reader

Bring life to your home by setting up environments with meaningful activities. All Activities come in their own storage box

Harvest Tea Sort

Sensory and practical life activity

harvest activities 3.jpg

Country Cutlery Dry & Sort . Jam Sort . Tea & Sugar Sort

Hand Juicers with Visual Cues . 3 Purposeful Recipes with Visual Cues for Instruction

Customized for residents with dementia for the most "real life" experience.

5 packs of 4 Montessori Readers. That's 20 Readers!

Montessori Readers can be read on their own or in reading groups. It's a great way to introduce a social activity. You can keep 20 residents busy by looking at real life pictures and reading in this specially designed fail proof way.

Harvest Trivia for Four with Answer Card

This unique Trivia method proves to be more effective for those with dementia. Each question is displayed on it's own page with two options for answers. By adding the visual cue, the person will more likely be able to answer. Even if they choose the incorrect answer, you'll still have an active participation. It's fail proof.

10 Autumn Song Books

It's no secret that music captures almost all residents in any nursing home. Songbooks written in Montessori fashion allows a resident to actively participate by reading along the lyrics and turning the pages by cue. Your sing-a-longs will have a new energy all together. Even when a resident isn't able to sing, by giving them a songbook to hold allows them to feel that they are part of the singing event.

Harvest Flower Arranging for 4, the Montessori Way

Let harvest time come life with beautiful flowers that are sized appropriately for maximum spatial management. Vases are wide for longer flower arranging time and increased creativity.

Try setting up the vases and flowers on a table and bring 4 residents over to them. You now created an environment with visual connection to real life experiences, as well as a social setting.

Harvest Word to Picture Association

This activity can be used by one person or in a group of 4 to 6 people. The word card and picture cards act as visual cues for successful matching. The beautiful picture cards can be used in group discussions or a resident can simply enjoy holding and looking at the pictures. There is no wrong way to use this activity.

Try introducing this activity to your visiting families for longer, more

meaningful visits.

Vegetable & Fruit Bingo

Continue your harvest theme with this fresh take on Bingo that comes with 16 extra large playing cards, picture calling cards and easy to grip tactile bingo markers.

Sample Collage of trays HARVEST.jpg

Montessori Picture Sorts

Residents will have a cognitive experience sorting beautiful pictures. Each sort comes with a template tray and a stack of 40 cards for longer resident engagement. When they finish one you can give them another.

There are 7 Cognitive Picture Sorts that come in this kit

$3400.00 plus shipping & tax

Each activity comes packaged in it's own stackable clear box.

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