Please Join the 2023 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign!

As a RACC employee, you are one of the college’s greatest advocates, actively promoting our values, supporting our mission and making RACC a place that welcomes all students. Through the 2023 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign, you can play an even larger role in the life of the college and the success of our students.

“I am very grateful for your donation because it not only helps me pay for college but also reassures me that I am doing well in school by being selected as a recipient. I think a lot of people in college feel imposter syndrome at some point and it is things like this scholarship that help to reaffirm that they are doing good and are on the right path. Realizing all the ways that donations help me has locked in that I will continue your kindness in the years to come.”

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The mission of our college has not changed since its inception. It continually examines and re-examines its offerings and supports to students to ensure that they are successful in their educational endeavors. Included in those supports are the more than 100 scholarship opportunities available through the Foundation for RACC. Last year alone, the Foundation distributed over $1M in financial scholarship support. This money is raised from members of the community and from faculty or staff like yourself.

For many of our students, scholarships are not just about the money. Receiving students feel as if they are seen; as if their hard work and dedication is being validated and recognized. 

“Your gift means so much to my family and me. It will really help alleviate much of the stress and worry that surrounds the financial component that comes along with returning to school as a working parent. As I continue my studies at RACC, I will be forever grateful for not only this financial gift, but also for the recognition of my hard work. I want you to know that both mean so much to me and keep me motivated to continue pushing forward and working hard.”

Donation Details:

  • All donors of $50 or more ($4.17 a month) to the Foundation by April 1, 2023, will receive a RACC lunch tote.
  • All donors of $100 or more ($8.34 a month) to the Foundation by April 1, 2023, will receive a RACC portable charger.
  • Offices and departments with 100% participation in the campaign by March 30, 2023, will receive a special doughnut delivery.

The Foundation for RACC, 10 S. 2nd Street, Box 1706, Reading, PA 19603-1014