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Continued Education: "The Art of Purposeful Teaching" Yoga Mentorship

Welcome to "The Art of Purposeful Teaching" Yoga Mentorship, a RYT Continued Education workshop, where the journey of yoga teaching transcends into the realm of genius sequencing. This transformative program is meticulously crafted to provide you with a comprehensive map for creating exceptional yoga sequences that elevate your teaching to new heights. In addition, this mentorship counts towards your 75 hours of Continued Education required by the Yoga Alliance every 3 years.

Program Highlights

Mondays & Wednesdays from 11:00-2:00 PM

March 11th - May 13th, 2024

Location: Om'echaye InTent

Genius Sequencing Mastery

Explore the art and science of sequencing as we delve into various types, from invigorating whole-body workouts to the soothing depths of restorative yoga. Uncover the secrets behind crafting sequences that resonate with intention and purpose.

Diverse Sequencing Style

Immerse yourself in a spectrum of sequencing styles that cater to different preferences and needs. From dynamic flows to gentle transitions, you'll develop the versatility to design classes that inspire and resonate with a diverse range of practitioners.

Clear Intention Framework

Learn to infuse your sequences with clear intentions. Understand how every pose and transition contributes to the overall experience, leaving your students with a profound sense of purpose and connection.

Enhanced Cueing Abilities

Elevate your teaching with improved cueing techniques. Dive into the nuances of effective communication, ensuring that your instructions are clear, concise, and effortlessly guide your students through each movement.

Pose Expansion

Master the art of introducing new poses into your classes. Gain confidence in teaching a variety of poses, from foundational to advanced, expanding your repertoire and captivating your students with fresh and engaging content.

Sequencing Skills Refinement

Hone your sequencing skills to perfection. Understand the flow of postures, breath, and energy to create seamless and impactful sequences that captivate both the body and mind.

Observation Mastery

Develop keen observational skills to better understand your students' needs. Learn to read body language, assess alignment, and tailor your sequences to create an inclusive and supportive environment.

Feel-Good Teaching Style

Cultivate the art of being a feel-good teacher. Discover how to create an atmosphere that fosters progress, joy, and a sense of community. Leave a lasting impact on your students, motivating them to progress swiftly on their yoga journey.

Advanced Modifications

Dive deeper into advanced modifications catering to every stage of life, from pre and postnatal to practitioners of all ages. Utilizing props and mindful adjustments, we'll explore how subtle changes can unlock new depths of alignment, fostering strength, flexibility, and inner peace.

Skillful Adjustments

Learn the subtle nuances of alignment and the art of skillful adjustments to enhance your practice and guide others safely. Dive into the intricacies of human anatomy, understanding how each movement affects the body, and discover how to tailor poses to individual needs.

Anatomy & Use of Props

Explore the creative and therapeutic use of props, unlocking new dimensions of each posture while fostering accessibility for all levels of practitioners. Learn techniques to prevent injuries and promote sustainable practice, empowering yourself and your students with the knowledge to practice safely and mindfully.

Yoga Philosophy

Uncover the timeless wisdom of ancient yoga philosophy and integrate it into your practice on and off the mat. Discover the profound connections between breath, movement, and consciousness, enriching your understanding of yoga as a holistic lifestyle.

Embark on this transformative mentorship and emerge not only as a skilled yoga instructor but as a beacon of inspiration, capable of guiding students toward progress and engagement through the artful practice of sequencing. The "Art of Purposeful Teaching" awaits you – where every class is a masterpiece in the making

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