First Weekend of Competition 

Weekend of August 20--21, 2022

This past weekend we have officially started the year of competition with a “handful” in Sarasota at the Lakewood Ranch Complex. I’m impressed with the level of the FYSA competitions and how much it has improved in the last couple of years. It is amazing to see these competitions improve in quality and level as time goes by in all the ages groups. 

Although I’m against the idea of opening the season with such high level games, I was pleasantly surprised, not only with our Nona Teams but with the level of games and individual talent in Florida.

Why am I against the opening season this way? The summer is usually a very hard part of the year for clubs not associated with the supposedly higher level leagues. Putting the “new teams” to face each other within 2 weeks of practice is not “in my opinion” the best way to kick off a season. However, this challenge is not a ONE Club issue, which makes the playing field fair, so it is hard for all and it is good for us! 

Regarding our Nona Team performances, results wise, I was expecting better. However, it is proven to all of us, that our Black and Orange teams are playing where they belong in regards to competition level. And, it is proven that we are head to head with the top teams in Florida!

This coming season will be interesting and exciting all together! Once we have all the teams practicing together for a while and getting to know each other on the field and off, we just need to keep in mind, (especially in the UPSL league) that it is still not going to be a walk in the park all year long. You have asked for, and we are providing, the highest possible competition in our reach. I’m fully confident that this is all a great part of the development.

We had a few EDP games over the weekend and this coming weekend we will have more, putting everyone to the challenge in Nona Competitive! Around the corner for some of our teams is our neighbor’s tournament (South Orlando Soccer Club), always a memorable tournament weekend & the Disney Labor Day Tournament.

It’s exciting all around! And we are stronger than ever going into a hard season! 

Enjoy the games! Enjoy practices! And let’s have some fun! 

There’s no place like Home. There is no Place like Nona!

Fabio Silva