Nicholas was born in February 2010 in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As per Rio local terms, a “carioca da gema”. We moved to Canada right after his one year birthday and then Nick was introduced to North America sports like basketball, baseball and football and of course snow sports as wakeboarding in such a young age. Because of cold winters in Canada, Nick had just few weeks every year to practice outdoor activities like soccer. Years passed and finally our family moved to a tropical weather location: Orlando, Florida. It was amazing how fast kids developed playing outdoor activities and it was the moment where Nick was introduced to another level of soccer skills when he joined Nona Soccer Recreation Team in 2018. In a blink of eye, Nick exceeded his soccer skills, scoring goals and improved foot work resulting in an invitation to join a Black Team at Nona. It was a great moment where Nick met, not only good players, but made friends for a lifetime. He was so happy to be part of a team and also having lots of fun with amazing kids and Coach Fabio. At that moment, Nick was playing 7v7 games but black level had demanded a lot of hard work and dedication. They won many competitions and we could see the team was evolving all together. When the team reached an older age, games were playing 9v9 on bigger fields and also in a higher level of soccer, faster and strategic games. Other coaches took over coaching the black team and they had good seasons, but even tough Nick being super fast and strong, his skills needed improvement and he wasn't at the same level. At the end of that season, Nona Coaches met with us to talk about the plan to recover and improve Nick’s skills and what is best for him as an individual. He transitioned to the Orange Team where he was exposed to a team that was struggling to win games. Tough decisions require looking not only at an immediate gain from a particular choice but also its potential long-term benefits. At that level the players had to improve and overcome as an individual players and as a team. His eagerness to learn and improve were visible! And it all worked very well. Nick was scoring many goals and playing a lot in the games, improving his skills and gaining confidence in himself and helping peers to improve. All Coaches, especially Coach Joao, were important for Nick’s development since he was mentoring “Brazilian skills” and they got along very well. Nick's success was visible on games, scoring beautiful goals (bicycle kicks, corner kicks, out of the box goals, and so on). We quickly realized the movement of bringing Nick to the Orange Team from the Black Team pushed him to grow stronger, not only as a soccer player but as a teammate and as a young man. Then, it was time to bring him back when Coach Gui invited him to rejoin the 2010 Black Team for 11v11 games. He was ready! Nick has been training hard with dedication and love for family, coaches and friends. He is only 12 yrs old and still has a lot to improve and learn. We are very proud of him and we wish him a great future on his career with lots of joy and success. Thank you Nona Coaches and staff to make us believe in your strategy and for your support. 🤘🏼

Carla & Saulo Granato