Laundry Love in Central New Mexico

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Laundry Love community meets every 2nd Thursday from 4-8 pm.

On-site laundry services offered at:

Arroyo Services Lavanderia

1603 Broadway Blvd SE

Quarters and Supplies will be available

Read to Me ABQ Network will provide books in Spanish and English at the Lavanderia.

´╗┐Children can choose their own book to keep.

Laundry Love helps those who may be entirely without shelter or living in a motor vehicle, those who live in weekly/monthly-rated motels, those in low-income housing or transitional shelters and those who are experiencing financial struggles or loss, or may be seeking asylum or residency in the U.S.

For questions or more assistance, contact Aisha Smith by phone at

(505) 410-7554 or email at aisha.smith@uwcnm.org.


Donate Today!

United Way of Central New Mexico, Shine Partnership, and the Greater Association of Albuquerque Realtors (GAAR) are brightening the lives of members of our community with Laundry Love. Your contribution provides relief by giving the individual or family the option to redirect funds toward food, medical, transportation costs, or other necessities.

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Laundry Love is designed for everyday people. We believe this initiative answers the universal question of "What can we do?" when people come in contact with poverty and homelessness on a local level. Faith communities, students, neighbors, friends, partnering organizations and local social service agencies can start a Laundry Love location in their communities by utilizing the simple, open, collaborative and relational focus this initiative offers.