In person and virtual Meeting with Rev. Elmarie Parker and her husband Rev. Scott Parker

September 20, 2023 at 7:00 pm

In Person location: Immanuel Church (Pastor Judith's husband's church) 1125 Savile Ln, McLean, VA 22101

Virtual option: Click for the Zoom link (Passcode: 649665)

Elmarie Parker and her husband, Rev. Scott Parker, have been serving as Presbyterian USA missionaries for Iraq, Syria and Lebanon for over twenty years. Elmarie Parker serves as the regional liaison for those three countries. Currently, they are based in Lebanon, working with the local churches and community partners.

A little background:

Before COVID, Scott worked with local schools with the Strong Kids mental health program, which was discontinued when covid closed everything down. However, other programs are thriving and thousands of displaced persons are being helped. There has been a serious food shortage and even a shortage of agricultural land. Nevertheless, a program helping people grow food on their balconies has thrived. Local churches have assembled kits of plants, containers and soil so that food, largely apples and other fruit trees, can be grown from apartment balconies. Local churches work in the midst of violence to witness to all the love of Christ through inclusion of all local groups into the projects and outreach.

Have we met?

Pastor Elmarie has visited Trinity Presbyterian Church several times. She was very much appreciated and even was given a spontaneous standing ovation when she spoke to us of her work and their outreach to all in need of help in the area, whatever their religious background or affiliation. We appreciate her and Scott’s work on our behalf as

our missionary co-workers.


We are fortunate to have Elmarie at Immanuel on 9/20 at 7:00pm to discuss her work in Lebanon. Trinity Presbyterian community is very welcome to come! This meeting will be a hybrid meeting—in person with dinner and a presentation as well as a zoom option.

Hope you will join us to hear Elmarie’s update!