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Starting January 21, 2022 I will be offering a monthly supervision group for therapists interested in diving deeper into Shame-Informed Therapy. Both my book and my course offer you tools that help your clients excavate their true self and stop the not-good-enough messages. This monthly group provides a safe space for you to share your questions and thoughts on S.I.T. with Dr. Patti and other clinicians. You don't have to read the book or take the course to join the group. Just bring your "C" shovels--curiosity, courage, compassion, and connection.


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“Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed, and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” 

Brene' Brown


I am so excited to get this group started. The past few years I've been creating courses for PESI, a large international professional development company. I also published my book Shame-Informed Therapy: Treatment Strategies to Overcome Core Shame and Reconstruct the Authentic Self with them. The book was released in June of 2020 and that same year I also helped to create a two-day Shame-Informed Therapy Certification course for PESI and Evergreen Certifications. After teaching these two-day trainings, I noticed that there seemed to be further questions and interest. I decided the best way to address this is in a monthly group supervision format.

You don't have to have read the book or attended the trainings to join the group, and there will be no credits or CEUs associated with it. This is simply me offering you an opportunity for continued professional growth related to treating shame in your clinical practice.

Since core shame is non-verbal and sometimes hard to recognize, I feel it is so important for clinicians too come together to talk about the subtle ways it shows up in our work, as well as how it effects treatment outcomes, and what you can do about it. It has completely changed the game for me and definitely helped me better help my clients. I am always looking now through a lens of "Where is the shame here?" That changes everything.

We will discuss topics such as--How I can have bigger empathy? How I can pay attention to body cues? How I can be patient with the process? What are the common defenses against shame? How I can build compassion ad deeper awareness for trauma, which is frequently associated with shame? And much more.

Starting January 21, 2022 and continuing each third Friday of the month thought April 15, 2020 (for now!) we will meet on zoom at 11 AM mountain time.

Bring your questions, comments, cases, concerns, struggles, and ideas but most importantly bring your

"C" shovels-curiosity, compassion, connection, and courage.

Here are the dates and the links to register for each group separately or for all four.

If you register for ALL4 you will get a 25% discount.

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The word shame itself can be shaming. Let's dig deeper into what it truly means and better understand how the unconscious not-enough messages can sabotage a wholehearted, authentic life.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me.



Clinicians are Reaching Out From Around the World About S.I.T.

Hi Dr. Ashley,

I’m reaching out to you from Virginia. I am a clinical psychologist who attended your PESI shame training in June, and to say that your training changed my life would be an understatement. It was incredible and exactly what I needed. I’d say it was also the catalyst for unlocking what our friend Brene would call my Midlife Unraveling. So, it’s been an intense 5 months! I think the time is right to access some additional support on this leg of my journey.


Hi Dear Patti

I'm working in Safahan' Psychological and Counseling Services Center managed by Dr. Izadi, one of the famous psychologists that holds third-wave behavior therapies workshops in Iran. She got familiar with you through your Shamed-Informed Therapy book, and she is using your approach about this issue in her workshops. I have read your book too and I'm very interested in this issue because I think many people struggle with shame in Iran. Thanks for your functional book.


A Few More Kind Words About S.I.T.

“Thank you for helping me open my mind and really take away some useful tools.”

“The presenter was extremely knowledgable, highly engaging and very thorough.”

“One of the best PESI seminars I have ever attended. Lots of excellent background information. Then great exercises to help cement what was learned.”

"I am taking your PESI Shame-Informed Treatment course (self-study) and it is wonderful."

"Your book has changed how I work with my clients and is really helping."

"Thank you for your work!"

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