NYC Council Members Honor Battle Rap Visionaries at Ultimate Rap League Homecoming 2

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New York City, NY - In a historic moment at the Ultimate Rap League Homecoming 2, City Council Member Althea Stevens, representing the West Bronx, stood alongside Council Member Riley, Council Member Natasha Williams, and State Assembly Member Chantel Jackson to commend the visionary contributions of Smack White, Beasley, and Cheeko to the Battle Rap Culture.

The Battle Rap Culture, a significant influence on hip-hop both nationally and internationally, has provided a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their unparalleled lyrical skills with creative delivery. Council Member Stevens emphasized the cultural impact of this unique art form during the event, recognizing its role in shaping the global hip-hop landscape.

As the city approaches the conclusion of 50 years of hip-hop, elected officials expressed their gratitude and admiration for the Ultimate Rap League's evolution. From humble beginnings on DVDs to commanding major stages, the league has played a pivotal role in the expansion of hip-hop culture. Council Members and Assembly Member Jackson collectively acknowledged the league's role in fostering artistic expression and providing a platform for emerging talent.

In presenting this commendation, City Council Members underscored their commitment to recognizing and celebrating the diverse cultural elements that contribute to the vibrancy of New York City. The gesture serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Battle Rap on the broader hip-hop community and its evolution over the past half-century.

For more information or media inquires, please contact the Office of Council Member Althea Stevens at (718) 588-7500 or at [email protected]


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