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"Tactical Garage Gym is a total fitness training regimen for breakthroughs in all areas of life to not only get you looking and feeling like a ripped Spartan warrior but also "sheepdog strong" to face whatever obstacles life throws your way."

Hi, my name is Chris Reardon. I've trained my entire adult life for the crucible of combat and to overcome the adversities of life with 15+ years of active duty in the US Marine Corps. I learned early on that in the military, "fitness" isn't just about physical conditioning… it's about a holistic approach to training the connection between mind, body, spirit, and relationships as a vital component of human performance and wellness in order to operate at peak performance on the job and at home.  

However, as I sought to train myself, my Marines, and other fellow service members how to perform as bosses on the battlefield and in life, I realized that a training program was needed beyond just physical conditioning to achieve a holistic level of human performance and life mastery. So I got to work designing and then implementing a total fitness program for military professionals who needed to be tough to face the rigors of combat by maintaining high levels of personnel readiness in order to be deployable at a moment's notice. I soon realized that other tactical professionals in the law enforcement, fire rescue, and first responder world would benefit immensely from this training experience and so I created a training system called "Tactical Garage Gym" where you can train with myself and other military total fitness coaches! To learn more, click on the thumbnail picture below to hear from me personally about training with the Tactical Garage Gym system!

Tactical Garage Gym 3, 2, 1...Go!

# 1. Fitness for Operators by Operators

Overview: The functional fitness programming in Tactical Garage Gym is based on the philosophy that "gym numbers mean nothing," and "all that matters is performance" first espoused by veteran Coast Guard officer Rob Shaul of Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI). We leverage the expert fitness training programming from MTI that has been designed by military operators for military operators through rigorous research of the warrior profession with field testing of exercises and progressions that will meet the demands of the job. It is designed with safety in mind to keep these athletes safe during training and on the job by optimizing fitness levels without creating unnecessary injuries.

Programming Detail: Training sessions and cycles are thoroughly programmed and designed. Nothing is random about our training sessions. Programming is based on the following:

Fluid Periodization: The MTI programming rotates between strength, work capacity, TAC SEPA (tactical drills), endurance, mountain fitness, and durability to include rucking with a weighted pack in the outdoors or on a treadmill.

Bias toward Strength, Mobility, and Durability: While you will gain muscle mass and tone, your training will be focused on preparing you for real-world challenges


Focused Core Strength Training: Training sessions include dedicated and focused core strength training circuits to work your combat chassis. We believe a strong midsection is essential to durability and our programming reflects this.

Equipment Required: You will do these workouts in your garage gym or in your work training facility with a specific physical fitness performance goal in mind with the following types of equipment used during workouts: Barbell, Bumper Plates, Sandbag, Flak vest/Bullet Proof Vest/Weight Vest, Ruck, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Plyometric Box/Bench, and Pull Up Bar


#2 Learn What It Takes to be Sheepdog Strong

During your training, you will be provided with motivating music soundtracks and videos developed by "Military Life" that will push you to perform at a higher level during your workout.

You'll also receive motivational messages, especially including from the military and veteran thought leader community to inspire you to push harder in your workout with the added benefit of inspiring you to push through the obstacles in all areas of your life to make you victorious in areas of human performance and life mastery.

Speakers include but are not limited to: Retired US Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, Marine Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal Expert with Combat Experience with the Elite Marine Raiders MSgt John Rudd, former UK Royal Marine Commando Ant Middleton, retired US Navy SEAL/Founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind CDR Mark Divine, and more! 

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#3 Iron Sharpens Iron

You will track your goals in the areas of your fitness training, nutrition, sleep, and progress in managing stress. You will also provide to your teammates and coaches quick lessons learned and action steps that you need to take in order to be better tomorrow than you were today. 

You'll do this through the use of the Beyond the Whiteboard App nutrition, personal record, and messaging system along with access to a private Facebook Group where you will get to post questions and videos of any exercises you are having challenges with so that you receive feedback on your form while providing help to other teammates.

You will be put into virtual "squads" using the Beyond the Whiteboard app where you can learn from each other and also receive feedback from your coach who will be a current or former military professional who will provide regular virtual feedback in the app.


Lastly, you'll get opportunities for bi-monthly group Zoom calls with a military coach and your teammates so that you can sharpen yourself and your teammates through guided discussions on key topics of human performance and life mastery so that you can continue to crush your goals in all areas of life.




Recovery Sunday:

This is an active recovery day where you will be instructed on how to mobilize your muscles, practice tactical/box breathing to learn how to reduce your heart rate and stress levels, and stretch.


Beast Mode Monday:


Content is focused on pushing through physical pain and providing education on nutrition and sleeping habits from thought leaders like Capt Tyler Chittick, USMC a former strength and conditioning coach of US Olympic Athletes and CrossFit coach and competitor. 


Warrior Ethos Tuesday:


Content is designed to inspire mental toughness and depth of character in order to live out the warrior ethos code, overcome fear, and develop a balance between confidence and humility.


Fighter Leader Wednesday:


Content is geared towards teaching you how to lead from the front in your relationships at work and at home including entrepreneurial tips to help you become more agile at work and in the business of your household. Furthermore, you'll learn how to build the capacity needed to resist the detrimental physical, mental, and spiritual health effects of a lack of quality relationships.


Sheepdog Thursday:


You'll receive tactics given to military members to prepare them to thrive in the physiologically and phycological stressful conditions of combat that will teach you how to also thrive in dangerous and traumatic situations you may encounter in life.


Freedom Friday:


Audiovisual instruction is geared towards inspiring you to grow to the next level as a leader of influence and live life like a boss. You'll hear topics related to life mastery and living a life of a warrior mindset.


Saturday Bonus! Garage Gym Church


You'll do a CrossFit Hero Workout or other difficult exercise evolution combined with the opportunity to watch on your own or with a virtual Zoom Group with other tactical professionals with motivational Christian faith-based content describing how to lead on the job and on the battlefield of life like a boss. Live Zoom Calls will happen between 06:15-06:45 am PST every Saturday morning to get your weekend started right!

Tactical Garage Gym Benefits

Introducing a program that can deliver the results you desire to challenge and transform you physically while giving you tools and resources to develop mental toughness and become the influential figure you desire within your marketplace or community.

1. An evidence-based functional fitness workout designed for real-life challenges tactical athletes face so that you will experience increased physical performance on the job and be confident in overcoming any physical challenges life throws at you.

2. If you are like most, juggling a fitness routine, your career, and your home life can be challenging. This program is designed to work around your schedule and be done with ease from home so that you avoid the cost and inconvenience of a brick-and-mortar studio training experience!

3. You will be motivated to dig deep during your workout while growing your mindset so that you can achieve breakthroughs in the challenges of your life without having to pay the expense of a live motivational seminar!

4. You'll get virtual accountability and coaching from current and former military professionals with expertise in training warriors physically, mentally, and spiritually for combat and overcoming challenges in life so that you can open up to and learn from coaches who "get you".

5. Through the Beyond The White Board App you will be able to track your physical fitness workout performance and personal records (PRs) while logging your meals so that you can track and measure your performance to ensure you see where you are deficient and also to know when you are reaching your goals!

6. You will learn the strategies and mindset necessary to face dangerous and/or difficult situations on the job AND at home with a cool demeanor so that you are able to overcome and thrive in any challenge life throws your way!

Fitness Programming Used By Military and Tactical Professionals Worldwide

Over the years hundreds of athletes and coaches have taken MTI's advanced programming and unit fitness leader programming courses. MTI is widely recognized within the mountain and tactical professions and fitness media as a thought leader in fitness programming for mountain and tactical athletes as well as other athletes who seek a certain level of fitness. The training plans across military, law enforcement, and fire rescue is MTI-developed, tested, and athlete-proven. The MTI programming that forms the core of the fitness programming we are offering is not just limited to US Athletes but also has been used by Canadian, UK, Australian, German, Scandinavian, South/Central American, and western European tactical athletes in the military, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services.

To see the wealth of tactical athletes using this programming and what they say, go here:

Use of a Renowned Fitness Tracking System with Beyond the Whiteboard

"I've used BTWB for years and absolutely love it. It is without a doubt the best workout and data tracking app/software I have ever seen. The BTWB team is constantly releasing new features on what is already an incredible platform"

Pat Sherwood, CrossFit Linchpin

"BTWB has been so awesome during my long training days. It helps simplify recording scores and looking at everything I have for the day."

Justin Meideros, The 2021 CrossFit Games Winner and "Fittest Man on Earth"

Learn to Lead Yourself, Your Team, and the People in Your Life From the Best!

“Every problem facing our nation is from a lack of leadership at every level. From the highest elected offices to the family household...the only way to remedy everything that ails our nation, our states, our communities, our families, and ourselves [is through leadership]."

PJ Langmaid, Fire Chief, Black Forest Fire/Rescue

A Value Packed Program That is Packaged for Tight Budgets

1) Mountain Tactical Institute Monthly Programming: $35/month

2) Beyond the Whiteboard App Monthly Subscription for Fitness Tracking: $7/month

3) Military Expert Coaching Library of Human Performance/Life Mastery Course: $39/month

4) Monthly Virtual Group Call Led by Military Human Performance and Life Mastery Experts: $100/month

Total Value: $181

We are so eager to train with you that we are offering a $22/month to month membership for anybody who subscribes by July 30!

By Comparison With Similiar Programs by Unbeatable Mind/SEALFIT:

Complete UNBEATABLE MIND COACHING Mental and Physical Toughness Coaching Programming with Live Group Calls: $~417/month

UNBEATABLE MIND App and Library: $39/month


We believe firmly that you will achieve the results you are looking for, but if you are not happy during the first 30 days of your subscription from when you are first charged, then we will give you your MONEY BACK NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

BONUS: If you sign up by July 15, you will get a 14-day FREE Trial!

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"Getting better is a campaign…it's a campaign, it’s a daily, a weekly, it’s an hourly fight. It's an incessant fight that doesn't stop against weakness, against temptation, and against laziness. It’s a campaign of discipline. A campaign of hard work and dedication. It's waking up early and going to bed late and grinding every second in between…every single day" - Jocko Willink, US Navy SEAL (Ret))

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