Life Coaching

when life overwhelms you, it helps to have an empathetic navigator

What to expect

Length: Sessions usually last an hour and take place on Zoom. I'm open to other options as well.

Timing: How often we meet is up to you. Some people like to meet once a week, some twice a week.

During a critical period, one client checked in with me daily.

Fee: $75/hour. I also offer monthly subscription rates.

Each person, in each moment, inspires unique responses from me. Some of what clients receive from me could be described as:

  • Compassion: listening from the heart
  • Feedback: a positive view of one’s strengths
  • Perspective: different angles to look at and interpret events
  • Hear oneself: space to think out loud
  • Routines & Practices to support current needs and growth
  • Companionship: someone to accompany on the journey
  • Partnering on daily decisions and planning
  • Organizing: decluttering and tidying spaces for function & pleasure
  • Executive function support for daily planning

I'm looking forward to meeting you!


If the times available don't suit you, please text me or leave a message at 707-234-5281.

I have good friends, but Peggy provides me with steady reliable warmth and kindness that I treasure. She hears my pain and celebrates my successes. She accepts my weaknesses and shows me my strengths. I feel supported, partnered and held. Everyone should have a Peggy Wonder in their life!

~ Linda G. Miller