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It is vital that government agencies stay current by moving from on-prem to the cloud. It can be a difficult transition to make, especially with massive quantities of data and the truly disastrous results if not done properly. Luckily, Stromasys has the perfect product to assist with this transition.

You simply swap out the aging hardware with a virtualized environment and move the software stack to increase performance, lower cost and reduce risk – all at once, and in a matter of days. There is no expensive migration process, no software re-engineering or conversion, no training for system managers or users required, and no painful conversion of normal business practices.

The Tru64, VMS, MPE and Solaris operating systems remain the same. The applications continue to run unchanged on Windows or Linux. Business processes are kept intact. Below is a case study for a company that moved Solaris onto the cloud.

The Challenge

A software company who provides event log management for financial and banking institutions wanted to move its solution from on-prem servers to a cloud solution to offer greater scalability and accessibility, and simpler R&D management. The software development team was tasked to find a solution; to streamline global operations and end dependencies on local infrastructures. One of the development managers reviewing options stated, “We were looking for solutions to migrate to the cloud with all the advantages it provides with minimal or zero changes to our software.” 

The Solution

Through a web search, the team found Charon™ emulation solutions by Stromasys and soon discovered that Charon™ could maintain Solaris workloads on AWS with no performance degradation. Through conference calls with the Stromasys engineering team, the team was able to lift-and-shift the Solaris OS and associated applications and data to the cloud in a few days with minimal disruption. “The Stromasys Field Engineers were very responsive

throughout the installation,” said one manager, “It ensured the migration to virtual SPARC systems was smooth.”

The Results

After the migration, the software company and its customers did not experience noticeable performance degradation. Essentially, the main driver for “Stromatization” was a wish to be rid of local infrastructure dependencies. Said a Software Development Manager, “We have definitely achieved our goal.” With Charon™’s simple integration and maintenance, “Now, the door is open for more modernization,” said the Manager. “We can consider lots of opportunities for deployments, considering the variety of our needs and decision factors.”

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