Doubting the value of motivation circles for getting started on tasks like paperwork, decluttering storage spaces and other avoided responsibilities? Allow me to explain...

I am inspired by:

  • a friend’s successful Content Writers’ Circle
  • the concept of using accountability buddies to help maintain progress towards a goal,
  • and most of all, emails like this from participants in the Circles:

"Great session. The journey to get three years of taxes done has begun in earnest and it's a wonderful feeling. Also I pared down a daunting pile of mail that has been like Cerberus on my tail for nearly two plus years. Thank you."

Here's how my groups work:

  • We check in briefly, share intentions for the session and get to work.
  • We work quietly on our projects. If someone needs guidance, we use a breakout room. If someone needs to take a call, we mute them.  
  • I check in briefly two or three times, to see how everyone’s doing.
  • At the end, we check in, celebrate our progress and perhaps state our next intentions. The session ends, but often we’re so deeply engaged that we continue on our own!

Research shows...

A study by the American Society of Training and Development found that having a witness when committing to a goal increases the chances of completing it by 65%, and making a specific accountability appointment with the witness boosts success chances to 95%.

Sound good?!

Sounds good, but you're not avoiding any tasks? Please share with a friend!

"...what I need the most help with is getting started and staying with it (not giving in to 'it's too hard' or 'I'm too tired'), so [the Circle] has been working really well for me. Mostly I'm working on stuff that we have already organized, but I haven't properly maintained...

without the commitment made ahead of time and the company, I wouldn't be working on it.

As much as I think I should be able to work on it on my own, I also acknowledge that I don't."

~ Participant in the first series of Motivation Circles