Since we began selling software back in 2020, we’ve sold thousands of software licenses from hundreds of manufacturers. In 2022, we experienced a 158% growth in sales revenue from the previous year, and we attribute that amazing success to our efficacy as a supplier to government entities.

Here is why we’re your top choice for software licensing:

1.)   We are a state certified small business

Our small business status makes it easier for your department to procure the solutions your team needs faster. We love the small business option!

2.)   We are versatile

We have a breadth of capabilities, something we’re proud of given our size. We specialize in software, hardware, and both IT and non-IT consulting.


2. We know software licensing

We have gotten really good at quoting, selling and supporting software licensing. This experience has allowed us to work through some significant issues that can occur with software licensing. Many software licensing manufacturers require a credit card to purchase their licensing. Acuity is able to use our credit cards to buy the software licensing that we sell to our customers. When you deal with us, you can rest assured that you have a partner who will work with you through any issues during the licensing processing.


3.)   We are highly responsive

We will always let you know if we are able to provide a quote. If we aren’t able, then we’ll let you know as soon as we can. It’s important to us that our customers know we’re actively working on their request. Once we receive your purchase order for licensing, we do all the dirty work by getting the software licensing procured and we follow through until your department is live with the software licensing. We often troubleshoot software licensing issues for our customers and we get them resolved.


4.)   We are committed to our customers

Whether your request be small or large, from a big manufacturer or a niche company, our team will go to great lengths to get you pricing for whatever software you may need. We won’t give up on a quote until we’ve tried every angle. When we receive software licensing orders, we get on the orders and work through any issues that might arise so you don’t have to.


5.)   We strive to be an asset

We provide budgetary quotes and conduct product research—we don’t limit ourselves to merely submitting bids. We try to understand each individual department’s mission and current objectives. We are always on the lookout for new software that could be of value. We strive to constantly be growing our knowledge in technology (new and old), and we highly value market, product, and government research.

6.)   We have numerous procurement vehicles

We have over 20 product CMAS contracts in place with thousands of software manufacturers and we are named resellers on (3) SLPs (and a few more are in process!). If you are looking to procure a product on a specific contract, we will do everything we can to get on one of our CMAS contracts and we even help software manufacturers get their SLP contracts too.

We would love for the opportunity to help you with your next software licensing purchase! Feel free to reach out to our team for budgetary pricing, research, product inquiries, or any RFQs/RFOs that you need a response for.