Valley of Michigan Honoring Front-Line Heroes

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Meet Brother Kevin Howe, 32°

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Kevin is an EMT for Iosco County EMS. When he was first licensed, he jumped right in and made the commute to Detroit, doing three 24 hour shifts a week to get experience. After 8 months, he made the commute to Flint where he worked 72 hours a week, sometimes more for a year. He finally got the opportunity to work for a county service closer to home, and took it. Kevin has been at Iosco County almost 4 years, running on an ambulance 72+ hours a week. On Saturday nights during the race season, if he's not working a county ambulance he can be found at the local race track doing EMS standby coverage for the night. Whether it's a gun shot, stabbing, suicide, diabetic issue or just an elderly person that needs help getting up, his patient care is right where it needs to be, respectful and positive. It doesn't matter if it's a 3am call for an intoxicated person, overdose, or an upset stomach, everyone gets treated properly. This field is truly about helping others with no judgment being passed. Kevin has helped family, friends coworkers and pets. He has also lost the same on that list. Kevin states, "We cannot save everyone, and learning how to comprehend that and properly deal/cope is one of the biggest struggles we face on a daily basis. Some say this career field is a calling, I say it's about doing what is right to help my fellow man. I would never make it in this field without the support of my wife. We hit our 22nd anniversary in August, and my best friend stands by my side, listens to me recall the bad calls and pushes me to be better. She is my rock, my support system I need to realize that I can only do what I'm trained to do. While this is a tough and demanding field, I can't see myself being happy doing anything else."

We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic Obligation to care for our members.