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Protecting you and your family’s information as you work, learn, and share from home has never been easier and more secure. With HP Wolf Essential Security, you can keep passwords, photos, scans, and prints for your eyes only. 

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Unprotected endpoints like home printers are the perfect hiding place for a cyber attack. Protect your work from home with the world's most secure printers protected by HP Wolf Security. Get enhanced Protect with HP+ the smarter printing system that thinks ahead so your printer is ready when you are, more secure, more productive, and more sustainable than ever.

Stress-Free Security

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Always A Step Ahead

To stay ahead of emerging malware, your printer's firmware is maintained with the newest version.

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Added Password Protection

HP Dynamic Password adds another layer of security when connecting your printer to your Wi-Fi network.

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Protect Your Memory

Write-Protect Memory helps keep your printing, scanning and sharing data private when your printer is active.

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Get key insights into emerging threats from HP’s threat analyst team. Read the latest Key threats insights, get the latest study recommendations, and reports from experts in the security field.

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