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Psychological Wellness in the Workplace

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Dr. Susan Biali Haas


Dr. Susan Biali Haas is an award-winning medical doctor, internationally recognized for her expertise in mental health, stress management, burnout prevention and resilience.


She has provided education on these topics to a wide range of organizations including the United States Navy, Google, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte and MIT.


In addition to her twenty years of primary care experience, she also coaches a broad range of clients — from senior executives to physicians and other health professionals — to take control of their mental and physical well-being.


Her popular Psychology Today blog has over 10 million views, and her opinions have been featured in media such as the Today Show, BBC World Service Radio, Forbes, and others.

Dr. Biali Haas overcame burnout and depression at the beginning of her career, quickly becoming an internationally recognized influencer in health and well-being. With over two decades spent studying wellness and resiliency, eighteen years of clinical experience with thousands of patients, and more than ten years coaching clients worldwide, Dr. Biali Haas is exceptionally skilled at equipping people to live better lives.

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Linda Crockett


Linda Crockett is the founder of the Canadian Institute on Workplace Bullying and Harassment Resources (2010). This is the first and only award-winning, full-service centre in Canada, specific to psychological harassment. Linda provides workplace management services to employers and employees (individuals or groups), from all professions and industries. Her services include consultations, assessments, training, speaking engagements, coaching, and specialized counselling. Specialized counselling for injured workers, witnesses who are struggling, and for those identified with disruptive behaviours.

Linda has worked with hundreds of organizations (for-profit and non-profit), and thousands of individuals. She has also trained on this topic at the University of Calgary, Grant MacEwan University, NAIT, and NorQuest College. Linda’s organization has recently expanded. Linda has a master’s degree in clinical social work specializing in this area, and a graduate of the Workplace Bullying Institute. She is a long-term member of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment, a published author. Linda is a coach and trauma therapist who also specializes in the areas of prevention, intervention, repair, and recovery. With qualifications, Linda can offer a one-stop service for all industries.

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Anneke Baker


Anneke Baker is a certified trainer for CIWPH with hands-on work experience assisting leaders, HR, Unions, and staff dealing with cases of bullying, harassment, discrimination, racism and more. She is now the owner and operator of ABK Integral Resources Inc., providing consultation and a variety of training topics for employers and employees (individual or groups) from all professions and industries in Medicine Hat, Brooks, and Southern Alberta. Anneke holds a Master of Social Work with a specialization in Leadership in Human Services. She has worked in the community in several capacities, has a lengthy background in case management, crisis management, assessment, addictions, mental health, and adult education, working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams. Anneke provides specialized services, including consultation, assessment, training, mentorship and coaching to enhance competence and workplace wellbeing to promote a strong workforce.

Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Live Well: Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout,

& Live a Resilient Life

Would you like to learn how to manage stress, prevent burnout, improve your physical and mental health, and live with more resilience?

  • Keys to recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout
  • How to connect or reconnect with their passions
  • Simple yet powerful self-care strategies to improve mental and physical health and boost energy
  • Secrets of a resilient brain
  • Mind-body medicine tools that are quick, easy and proven to reduce stress
  • Fundamental skills and perspectives for creating work-life balance

Linda Crockett & Anneke Baker

Workplace Harassment and Bullying: What is it, what is it not?

  • What is and What is not Workplace Bullying: and what to do about it.
  • Workplace Psychological Harassment, Psychological Violence, Bullying, Lateral Violence, Mobbing
  • Psychological Health, Psychological Injuries, Hazards, Warning Signs, and How to Address them.
  • In workshops, we focus on: Prevention, Intervention and Resolution or Repair Strategies and Options

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