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The objective is to generate business, increase your return on investment and net profitability!

Online and Television

Companies are currently increasing their advertising spending, focusing on online channels like YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

The broadcasting channels: Television and Radio are offering great deals to entice businesses, and it's working. Just watch 30 minutes of TV and count how many times you'll see attorneys Jacob Emrani, Jacoby & Meyers, or Larry H. Parker advertise on TV.

However, as we're all starting to go back to work, regardless of where we work, at home or in the office, we'll be listening to less TV and Radio; we won't have hours to kill by surfing the internet either.

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Does this mean online advertising will stop? No, of course, it won't. It'll be louder than ever before as businesses and marketers alike went with the short-term fix and kept to what is now the "norm."

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Finding your message is like finding Waldo

What is more effective and efficient, will place your business in front of the right consumer at the right time, increase your net profit and place you at the forefront? Want to know what the long-term secret to success will be? Direct Target Mail!

How do we know this?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Q: How many mailboxes do you have to look through daily, not email inboxes, physical mailboxes?

A: Most probably just the one. More prudent,

Q: How many spam mailboxes do you have? (not that spam)



Your customers, whomever they are, are experiencing the same as you. They are overwhelmed with the amount of SPAM and JUNK emails. There's no such thing as a SPAM Mailbox!

Generating a direct targeted mail campaign is EASIER, more EFFECTIVE and delivers a higher ROI than ever before! Maximizing your advertising results and profitability.

Benefits of direct mail

Direct mail is highly targeted (we make sure it's mailed to prospects most likely to buy your products.)

• Mail is tangible and can be memorable, impressionable, talked about, saved, and shared.

• Direct mail is delivered directly to the prospects' mailbox, which means into their hands.

• Your message WILL be seen and read.

• When combining digital advertising with direct mail, the responses are magnified.

• Direct mail is proven to be more effective and has always been the more significant return on investment.

Empty mailboxes

When you go to your mailbox, you see very few marketing ads, which is an opportunity for you to stand out from all the online noise.

In fact it's far more than beneficial as it gives you an edge over the competition by letting your target audience know that you are open for business.


What's in it for you?

At Expand My Business we make direct mail EASY, PROFITABLE, and HASSLE-FREE. Not sure what to advertise, or who to advertise to? Not a problem, we do! We can provide the right mailing lists, create the campaign and prepare you for the influx of business.


How do we know this will work for you?

With the information we gather from you, we create a snapshot profile of your consumer type. With all the available data we have access to, we will provide you with a list of names and addresses of people who are more likely to be looking for your services or goods.

We will also generate a campaign that includes an advertising mailer and a business landing page, all tailored to you and your business/company.

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