About Tennessee's Education Savings Account (ESA) Program


Tennessee's ESA program offers students that are zoned to attend Memphis-Shelby County Schools, Metro Nashville Public Schools, and Hamilton County Schools to apply for state and local funds to use towards education expenses such as tutoring services, tuition fees to a non-public school, textbooks, uniforms, transportation, and educational therapies. 


Families can apply January 15, 2024- March 15, 2024, for 2024-25 school year. Scholarship funds will begin to be available in July 2024. 

Parents can still apply for 2023-24 school year by January 15th and be awarded up to $4,100. For 2024-25 school year, application dates will open later in 2024.


  • K-12 students that are zoned in one of the above-mentioned school districts.
  • K-12 students family income does not exceed twice the federal income eligibility for free lunch.
  • First time to enroll in a Tennessee public school.

About Us

Our goal is to help students reach their full potential. Our recent study shows that Huntington students achieve great results. In just 50 hours of instruction during the 2021-2022 academic year, Huntington students improved their math scores by 35% and reading scores by 33%. We are committed to providing high-quality instruction to help our students succeed.

Huntington Learning Center programs are available in-center or online.

  • TUTORING in reading, math, study skills, writing, phonics, spelling, and related areas
  • SUBJECT TUTORING for specific subjects, such as Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Calculus, and Spanish
  • HUNTINGTON ADVANTAGE is a program tailored to each student’s needs and designed to build their skills, confidence, and motivation

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