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I Know EXACTLY how hard it is for Entry-Level Mompreneurs to hit the ground running with their Business Ventures!

I'm telling you this from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!

Does this sound familiar to you???

  • Spending hours on end trying to learn and do things on your own.
  • Downloading every free program and freebie that comes your way, getting only little value in return.
  • Purchasing MULTIPLE low cost programs thinking that it will get all the help that you need.
  • Reading Books, Researching on your own (which is all great to do BUT I know how hard it is WITHOUT REAL GUIDANCE!)

A Little About Me...

I've worked in Corporate America for over 10 years in Retail Banking (Both Business and Personal) and Investment Banking. I left the Corporate world when I had my first daughter who is now almost 7 years old. When I left, I began working for larger private companies as a Bookkeeper (which I still do today as a Freelancer). I've also worked hard to build myself a Youtube Channel & a Network Marketing Business that are both finally paying off! I was able to do all this by utilizing Social Media and Networking!

Two more kids later and I decided it's time to make a change!

I decided to use all my experience to grow MY OWN Coaching Biz! I decided to STOP building EVERYONE ELSE'S DREAMS for them and START BUILDING MY OWN! Over the last several months I have invested greatly into Coaching and Thankfully found an amazing Coach that I am now continuing to work with!

Now it's time, I start sharing all my knowledge with other Mompreneurs who have a VISION of their OWN as well and helping them become REALITY!

-Mirjana Lalic

Ready to Stop Growing your Business on Your Own

and Invest in YOURSELF to have someone help you move forward??

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What You'll Get During this

8 Week Program:

Confidence: The Biggest Asset to Grow your Mompreneur Business

Clarity: Know where you're going with your Business and Know How you're going to get there

Content: Branding, Knowing your Brand Pillars to Create Content, Knowing your Ideal Client and Using your Content to Speak Directly to them

Community: Having Myself Guide you throughout the Program with Unlimited Support


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