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Blog Post - Weight Loss

They met while attending Memphis University. Tyler was a junior and a stud on the baseball team. Jasmine was a sophomore who starred on the volleyball team.

After a long hot practice on the baseball diamond, Tyler was sweaty and ready for a shower. Likewise for Jasmine, after a brutal practice in a gym with no air conditioning. She couldn’t wait to feel the refreshing water cool her body.

God only knows how many times their paths had crossed. Yet their eyes had never met. Jasmine was with her friends walking towards the cafeteria. Tyler was with his boys on their way to the dorm.

Email - Weight Loss

Dear Kira,

It’s hard to match The Exhilaration Of Your Wedding Day! Family and friends gather to see the gorgeous bride and the handsome groom. And if the weather participates and gives you sunshine. Well, nothing can compare.

In preparation of this sacred day both groom and pride are making sure they look their best. They’re eating right, they’re working out, and trying to get as much rest as possible. The wedding planners have done a marvelous job. And the fairytale is a smashing success.

Sales Letter - Weight Loss

“Radical Health Product Rescues Ashamed Couple Attending Daughter’s Wedding”

New weight loss system saves embarrassed overweight married couple in a nick of time.

People have been dealing with weight gain for decades. So much so America has become the land of the obese. A new and refreshing way of losing weight is taking this country by storm. Couples are experiencing the bliss of dropping pounds together.

Direct Mail - Real Estate

Dear Homeowner:

Everyday people are losing the real estate they so want and need to keep. And everyday, one- hundred times a day, homeowners get suggestions. From real estate agents, attorneys, and investors; like sharks circling their prey.

The clock is ticking, your property is going through legal action and you’re not sure what you should do. You’re not sure if you want to keep the property or sell your asset.

Article - Outsourcing

“6 Ways To Profit From Outsourcing”

Businesses who get it right, move at a much different, a much faster pace than their counterparts...

It’s still the people...

Some will suggest technology as the driving force. Determining the success or failure of your enterprise. Yes, those with the technical knowledge will continue to make advances.

But when it’s all said and done it’s still the people who decide whether a business is a winner; or more dust in the wind. At (v) WeCare our personalities, individualized skills, and energy guides the ship. Through rough and calm waters.

E-Newsletter - Copywriting

"FREE E-Newsletter"

Every business needs a professional Copywriter/Web Content Writer to promote their services. Someone who will share your voice to the chosen audience. A skilled writer who can craft a message to resonate with your clients/customers.

A monthly E-Newsletter is the perfect media to get your products and services to the right people. Most owners of a company understands the importance. The need of sending a consistent Email Newsletter.

Are you developing a positive consistent web presence a reality. We'll spend the time with you to create a plan which brings results. Focusing and learning more about the ins and outs of your business.

Medical Office - Email/Direct Mail

Just in case you have any questions…

And by the way, you have an incredible staff, working 

extremely well together


Dear Dr. 

Just picture the perfect day — about 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky — the sun is beaming down illuminating confidence, security, and purpose — workers scurry around with seriousness and determination — the patients know they belong - your business is booming.


Restaurant - Review

A Little Girl, Howard University, 

and a Catfish Dinner...

When you walk into Oohh’s and Aahh’s you’re greeted with joy and laughter. The staff and patrons are enjoying each other like family. The smell of southern food permeates the place the minute you come in. Your taste buds begin to salivate at the thought of your first bite. The place is rocking with the sound of old school R&B. Flat screens adorn the walls. Channels are tuned to sports, news, weather. Your comfort level is sky high. 

The friendly hostess greets you with an ear to ear smile. She or he politely ask would you prefer to be seated downstairs or upstair. We always choose the upper level. You take your seat. Scan the QR code on the table to bring up the menu (paper menus are so 1990’s). And your stomach begins to turn cartwheels. 

Article - Communicating with Generation Z's

-The feeling of dread was excruciating

My son and I were drifting apart.

The thought of the unknown turned my stomach...

The news of having another child sent shockwaves threw every cell of my body. But this one felt different; my wife looked different. My wife had a glow about her. She had never been more beautiful. 

After visiting her obstetrician, my wife said they’d scheduled an ultra sound in three weeks. They were going to let us know the gender of the baby. My wife insisted I be there. I was as nervous as a teenager getting his first kiss.

Why you should consider me? No exaggerations…the facts

I’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Own managerial experience at the corporate level. And hold the determined will to meet all worthy challenges. Mediocrity is past tense. Clear, concise objectives make the difference between success or failure.

I’m searching for the right opportunity; one that'll bring out the best in all involved. Thanks again for taking a moment to review my credentials.