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Our Church Prayer List


Christian Sympathy

Robyn Grady’s mom Martha Anderson, of Pennsylvania, passed the morning of 11/23.

Continuing Prayers

Brannon Family, Marge Davidson, Kimberly Walker, Forsythe Family, Jack Golden, Marvin Andrews,

Bryan Jones, Jim & Loretta Bowman, Wanda Fox, Charlie Bianco, Reid Moon, Ron Rickner, Steve Skiles, June McLaurin,

Wallace Tillman, Tom Watts, Greg Parsons, Rosie Green, Richard McAdams, Patt Humbert, Dee Slivers, Patty Williams,

Doug Knowles, Dan Hebenthal, Jim Wirth, Lois Bower, Carrie Ann Odeneal, Julie Cousins

If you would like to add anything to our prayer list or if you need to update anything on the prayer list, please contact Miriam. Thank you so much for praying!

Miriam Dady

Director of Connection

Office: 850-893-1116

Mobile: 850-544-7130