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Upcoming at Or Chadash


Sunday, May 15th - Mitzvah Day

2022-05 Mitzvah Day 01.jpeg

Friday, May 6th - Confirmation

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Sunday, May 1st - Sisterhood Walk

2022-05 Sisterhood Walk.jpg


Christine Berg,

Eileen Freda,

Jessica Hodkinson

Sunday, April 10th - Walking Tour of Historic Frenchtown by Rick Epstein

Sunday, March 13th - Purim Carnival

Sunday, December 5th 2021 - Hanukkah Celebration with Songfest and Latke Party

2021-12 Hanukkah 05.jpg
2021-12 Hanukkah 07.jpg
2021-12 Hanukkah 08.jpg
2021-12 Hanukkah 04.jpg
2021-12 Hanukkah 03.jpg
2021-12 Hanukkah 09.jpg