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April 2021

Welcome to Our HeartMind Adventure!

Our HeartMind Adventure activities give you a way to understand more about the value of "Our 5Cs"—consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community. This month, we're focusing on “a culture of courage.” We use this phrase to point to the need for adults to support youth in being vulnerable, facing the unknown, making sense of their options, and bravely implementing change.

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Step One: Observe

For the next week as you go about your life, look for acts of courage taking place around you. Look for them at school, at home, in your neighborhood, and even in the news, books, television shows, movies, or stories you hear. Take a moment to write these down. 

You may also observe moments where you yourself act courageously, or at least have an opportunity to do so. Write all of these moments down. At the end of the week, you’ll reflect.

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Step Two: Reflect

What did you discover in your observations of courage? Who showed courage? What were some obvious/less obvious forms of courage?

How were you courageous this week? Did you support someone else in being courageous this week? If so, how? If not, how might you?

Did you notice any barriers to these people, or yourself, being courageous? How might one overcome those barriers?

Start a conversation with a friend, family member, colleague, or your students about an act of courage that was particularly striking to you.

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Step Three: Deepen Your Understanding

As you start to understand courage in varied contexts, consider how individuals, particularly youth, differ and relate in how they show courage. 

Do you think courage comes naturally or is it something that is worked at? When is it appropriate or inappropriate to be courageous? How can you support students in understanding and acting courageously in a way that is personal to them in their lives?

Keeping the 5Cs in your Heart and Mind

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What are your takeaways from this step on our HeartMind Adventure?

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Journal: As you observe and reflect, take time periodically to write a few notes, perhaps noting some positive and negative events or circumstances. Consider students in your class or school. How do the events you have described impact them?

Discuss your thoughts and feelings as you explore our HeartMind Adventure this month.

Stay posted for next month's HeartMind Adventure.