Are You At Risk Of Falling?

By Karl Knopf,Ed.D

Find Out. Take Self-Evaluation Test

Q: How many times can you easily get up and down from a chair in 30 seconds?

Under 40 years of age = over 15-20 times = good

Over 60 years of age = over 10-12 times = good


Q: Can you quickly get up, walk 10 feet and turn around and return to your seat without getting dizzy or stumble?


Q: Have you tripped lately?

A stumble is a small fall so, don’t kid yourself.

If so, how often, no excuses of why you did. The more often you stubble, even if you catch yourself means that sooner or later, the "Big One" will happen.


Q: Do you wear bifocal glasses or

transition lens? 

Fancy glasses such as bifocals and transition lens increase your risk of falling when walking up steps or going quickly from dark to light. People with vision problems are at two times the risk of falling compared to those that don’t have an issue regardless of age.

Q: Is your house fall safe?

Do you have throw rugs, stairs, pets or poor lighting? These all can contribute to a fall.


Q: Do you have a health issue? 

Common conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, breathing issues or poor circulation all can contribute to poor balance. 

Q: Do you believe nothing can be done

to improve balance?

Anyone can work to improve his or her balance. Physical activity can increase strength and range of motion. A study in the British Journal of Medicine showed that having subjects perform balance drills improved balance by 31%. 


One thing is for sure when it comes to balance is that change will occur whether for the good or bad. It is up to you whether the change is positive or negative. The good news is balance can be maintained and often improved at any age or condition.

It's never too late to make positive contributions to your balance.

About Karl Knopf

Dr. Karl Knopf has been involved in health and fitness for over 45 years working in almost every aspect of the industry from personal trainer and therapist to consultant. While at Foothill College, he was the Director of the Fitness Therapy Program, a teacher of adaptive PE, and recognized with several awards for teaching excellence. For 15 years, Dr. Knopf served as the President and Founder of Fitness Educators Of Older Adults. He has authored many articles, written over 20 books and has been a frequent guest on the Sit and Be Fit television show. Karl was the recipient of the 2018 AEA Elizabeth Burg Lifetime Achievement global award.


Note: A good resource for movements to improve your balance is "Stability Workouts On the Balance Board"

by Karl Knopf published by Ulysses Press. Check out his other exercise books to assist you to age well.

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