Visit HALIO at CES 2023 and experience the world's fastest, most beautiful, and advanced smart glass

Halio Smart Glass is something you must experience to appreciate its impact on the environment and economies of scale. Oh, and the technology is second to none!


HALIO has the industry's most advanced, elegant, and technologically advanced smart glass. It is a driving force in sustainable, now more affordable, net-zero construction.

HALIO at CES 2023

Las Vegas Convention Center

Central Hall

Booth #16955

in the SK Pavilion


HALIO Kicks-off the New Year at CES ’23 by Featuring World’s Most Advanced and Beautiful Smart Glass to Address Climate Change

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Stop by our booth and experience how HALIO is impacting our world through:

  • ENERGY: There's no single better way to reduce a building's energy consumption than by integrating Halio Smart Glass, the industry's most advanced system for active daylight management

  • WELLNESS: Halio Smart Glass is the best way for building owners to improve the wellness of occupants

  • EXPERIENCE: From concept to occupancy, HALIO defines the experience of smart glass

  • TECHNOLOGY: HALIO's advances in smart glass technology have set the industry standard for performance, elegance, and sustainability

  • AI: HALIO uniquely controls its smart glass with a cloud-based AI

  • AFFORDABILITY: The Investment Tax Credit (ITC), as part of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, puts smart glass on cost parity with Low-E glass, and in some cases, even cheaper!

Schedule a demo with HALIO at CES

  • Explore the performance benefits of Halio Smart Glass

  • Discuss the company's impact on the industry and its cutting-edge solution

  • Learn about the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and how it is accelerating smart glass adoption by making it as affordable, and in some cases even cheaper, than Low-e glass


Carol Warren | Antarra Communications | [email protected] | 714-890-4500

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